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What is CloudBolt?

CloudBolt is a simply powerful cloud management platform that enables enterprise IT to operate as a cloud service provider.

Connect your infrastructure with CloudBolt

Make technology accessible to users

Make technology accessible to users

Deliver agility and control

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I used to loathe manually fulfilling user’s requests to create or modify virtual machines, but now CloudBolt automates that entire process. Now I have time to tackle more critical issues, and I’m still in control!

“Before CloudBolt, it took too long to get resources from the Systems folks, and we never knew if they’d be properly configured. Now we have a single UI and API to get these resources, and the confidence that each stack is exactly as ordered.”

“When we moved to cloud, I lost the ability to understand who was using what and even had customer teams threatening to implement their own clouds because we couldn’t move fast enough. CloudBolt gave my customers real-time access to the resources they need, and gave me confidence that our systems and apps are compliant.”