Cloud billing for distribution programs

Maximize your margins, while increasing customer satisfaction and retention.
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Proven efficiency for unparalleled margins

With CloudBolt, your transition to a more efficient, accurate, and profitable cloud reselling business becomes not just a possibility but a guarantee.

Reduce billing cycles by 80%


Raise operational efficiency by up to 30%


51% decrease in transaction costs


97% reduction in response time


Customers want more from their service providers

The cloud services reselling market, dominated by giants like AWS, Azure, and GCP, presents immense opportunities but comes with significant operational hurdles:

  • Cumbersome manual billing
  • Extensive personnel needs
  • Lack of real-time cost transparency

In fact, our studies show that 80% of respondents seek alternative providers due to current inefficiencies.

Simplify cloud reselling, increase customer satisfaction

CloudBolt’s cloud billing and management solution is used by some of the largest distributors across the globe, and is specifically designed for service providers to accelerate cloud reselling services by using automation, scalability, and real-time insights:

  • Streamline operations
  • Enhance billing accuracy
  • Significantly improve client experiences
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Billing & distribution management

CloudBolt simplifies the complexity of managing cloud distribution across multiple customers by providing a highly automated, streamlined billing management system built for any scale.
Reduce invoicing cycles by 80%

Use powerful billing automation to reduce weeks-long billing processes down to hours.

Ensure accuracy every time

Eliminate inaccuracies in final billing amounts through automated checks and validation.

Support major cloud programs

Connect with all major cloud resale programs, including Direct and Indirect Azure CSP, AWS Direct SPP, and Google’s Partner Advantage program.

Customer administration

CloudBolt’s customer administration features ensure your client interactions are both smooth and personalized – no matter the complexity.
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Powerful administrative features

CloudBolt offers sophisticated segmentation options, detailed billing profile setups for granular margin and discount customization, currency conversion capabilities, and robust SSO & access control policies.

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Customizable margin and discounts

Tailor margins and discounts to suit any scenario. From service-specific to individual customer profiles, CloudBolt ensures you can maximize margins across your customer profile.

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Streamline management with group policies

Groups allow a flexible and responsive way for your team to automate the creation and control of multiple cloud accounts.

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Enterprise-grade segmentation

CloudBolt’s segmentation options are designed to adapt to your enterprise’s unique structure and needs.

Endlessly integrate and customize

Plug and play functionality for efficiency
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Enterprise integrations

Integrate CloudBolt with the tools your customers depend on, including ServiceNow, Teams, Slack, and much more.

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Extensive API framework

CloudBolt’s expansive and user-friendly API framework grants total control over its functionalities. Automate billing processes and integrate reports seamlessly with additional systems.

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Your brand, our platform

Use platform white-labeling, curated branded artifacts, and granular access control to ensure your brand takes center stage, not ours.


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