The era of VMware for the masses is ending. Here’s the future.

Considering your options with the recent changes at VMware? Whether you’re looking to fully migrate away or just find the right combination of tools for your environment, CloudBolt can help you maximize your cloud ROI.

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Our experts will work with your team to walk you through possible migration options and help you transition from current VMware solutions to comparable CloudBolt offerings.

Diversify and reduce risk

Not ready to make the jump completely from VMware yet? Not a problem. With CloudBolt you can leverage your existing public cloud or data centers and reduce risk by diversifying where your resources live.

Optimize for cost and efficiency

Utilize CloudBolt’s Augmented FinOps capabilities to ensure that no matter where your workloads end up, you’re optimizing cloud costs and increasing efficiency. Get unrivaled visibility and actionable insights into your cloud spend, rightsize reserved instances, automate cost saving actions, reduce hours spent on provisioning, and more.


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Whether you’re looking to move completely away from VMware, or just looking to diversify and reduce risk, or still undecided on how best to move forward, CloudBolt can help:

Support any hypervisor

Alternative abstraction technologies, such as RedHat OpenStack and Nutanix are reputable options for VMware migration, offering a good mix of features and value for money. With CloudBolt, you can take your migration to the next level.

Simplify the migration of your workloads via blueprints, easily move your workload between clouds (private or public) as needed, automate provisioning of new workloads, and manage all your workloads and clouds in one place, while optimizing for cost and efficiency.

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Optimize Kubernetes for cost and performance

If your migration strategy includes modernization to container technologies, CloudBolt has partnered with StormForge to give you unrivaled cost visibility and optimization at the Kubernetes level.

By combining StormForge’s ML-driven, Kubernetes optimization with CloudBolt’s Augmented FinOps platform, you can further diversify and de-risk away from VMware to containers while ensuring that you’re getting the absolute most out of your cloud spend.

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More than a replacement – upgrade from CloudHealth

If you’re using CloudHealth as your go-to FinOps solution, this is an incredible time for not just a replacement but an upgrade. Go from modular to complete visibility, get more automation capabilities, add AI/ML powered insights, and more with Augmented FinOps from CloudBolt.

CloudBolt vs CloudHealth comparison guide

Avoid the cost pitfalls of shifting to cloud-native

Going cloud native is a great option, but due to the potential increases in cost it can seem a daunting migration option. With CloudBolt’s Augmented FinOps solution, cost doesn’t have to be the limiting factor.

Go cloud-native with CloudBolt and you’ll no longer have to worry about Broadcom further removing key features or support away from VMware, and take advantage of the agility, flexibility, and scalability that comes with it.

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