Automated Kubernetes Resource Management with StormForge

CloudBolt and StormForge’s partnership allows FinOps and platform engineering teams to maximize the ROI of their Kubernetes investments.

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Partnering to Maximize Kubernetes ROI

A comprehensive solution for Kubernetes cost visibility and optimization.
Stormforge CloudBolt integration
Complete Shared Cost Visibility and Allocation

Get granular, real-time visibility into Kubernetes costs. CloudOps teams can accurately allocate costs based on actual container-level performance data, enabling seamless alignment with FinOps.

Reduced Insight-to-Action via Automated Rightsizing

Leverage ML-powered recommendations to optimize Kubernetes resource settings continuously. Reduce overprovisioning while ensuring application performance.

Improved Cloud ROI by Scaling Kubernetes Optimization

Easily incorporate Kubernetes clusters into organization-wide cost optimization workflows. Proactively manage Kubernetes spend and efficiency at scale.

By the Numbers

The Kubernetes Financial Challenge

Kubernetes costs can quickly spiral out of control without proper visibility and optimization. Platform teams struggle to allocate costs accurately, while FinOps lacks insight to drive meaningful optimization. According to a survey performed by Cloud Native Foundation: Read the 2023 FinOps Microsurvey
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of organizations report Kubernetes has driven cloud spend up


attribute overspending to workload overprovisioning

65% +
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of containers use less than half of the requested CPU

Intelligent optimization
without complex setup or tuning.

StormForge automates the entire optimization lifecycle – discovering workloads, analyzing metrics, generating recommendations, and applying updates.
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Get Started in Minutes

• Login and install the StormForge agent
• StormForge automatically discovers workloads and captures utilization metrics

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Build Trust in 1 Week

• Review ML-generated resource recommendations
• Approve one-time apply to select pods
• Observe results and measure impact
• Optionally set guardrails for high-profile workloads

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Enable Autonomous Optimization

• Expand from select workloads to entire clusters
• Manage optimization easily across multiple clusters

Maximize Your Kubernetes ROI with CloudBolt and StormForge

Take control of your Kubernetes costs with a complete cost visibility and optimization solution. Contact us to learn how CloudBolt and StormForge can help you improve cloud efficiency and spend confidently on Kubernetes.

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