A better approach to delivering cloud services

Don’t let inefficiency be the enemy of profit
Service Delivery Automation

Better delivery, improved customer outcomes

Give your engineers the tools to rapidly deliver innovative cloud solutions at scale while optimizing consistency, compliance, and margins.
Reuse and share what works

Use blueprints to codify your expertise into reusable building blocks that ensure uniformity across customer deployments.

Order instances
Increase efficiency and agility

Workflow automation and infrastructure testing accelerate deployment velocity while reducing errors.

Compliance wide
Consistent and compliant delivery

Innovate fearlessly within predefined guardrails that automate security and compliance.

Less lost on inefficiencies

Orchestrated hybrid cloud management reduces delivery time and enables every engineer to execute complex services, which translates directly into less margin loss and more revenue gain.


Accelerated delivery, exceptional consistency

Faster delivery and more consistent cloud services.
Reusable service patterns

Blueprints codify your team’s unique expertise and configurations into reusable building blocks that can be rapidly deployed.

Complex delivery, automated

Automate manual, multi-step cloud services through workflows, enabling you to easily replicate services across customer environments.


Self-Service Day Two Operations

A self-service experience for days two, three, four, and beyond.
Take action or automate

Execute routine infrastructure workflows manually or set up triggers to automate based on schedules, utilization thresholds, or other criteria.


On-demand, scheduled, and event-driven orchestration can help engineers simplify infrastructure management actions.


Easy onboarding and integration

CloudBolt simplifies onboarding and integration of new customer environments.
Discovery icon

Auto-discovery scans networks to identify resources for easy importing and documentation.

Out of box support
Out-of-the box support

Leverage out-of-the-box support for leading private and public cloud providers like VMware, AWS, and Azure.

API icon
Integrate anything

The extensible architecture also allows the integration of virtually any solution using native plugins, webhooks, and scripting.


Secure segmentation, simplified management

Model any organizational hierarchy and customer structure to ensure effortless governance.
Conditional icon
Organizational hierarchy

Set up parent accounts with inherited access and configurations that can be selectively overridden at the child layer.

Lock icon
Privileged access management

Ensure appropriate isolation and least-privilege permissions between customer accounts.

Security integration icon
Flexible governance policies

Centrally apply policies and standards globally while preserving flexibility to cater to customer-specific governance, security protocols, or compliance requirements.


White-labeling and customization

Ensure your brand is on center-stage
Custom branding

Apply your logos, color schemes, terminology, workflows, and more to every customer-facing element within CloudBolt.

Tailored user experience

Create a tailored user experience through personalized dashboards, customized catalog menus, branded notification emails, and more. Add or remove functionality with drag-and-drop simplicity.


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