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Announcing CloudBolt’s Reimagined FinOps Data Platform with FOCUS Support

We are excited to announce our reimagined FinOps Data Platform, built from the ground up to address the fundamental big data challenges faced by FinOps teams.


Hello Augmented FinOps

Making better decisions in the cloud requires a full lifecycle approach to FinOps. Combining retrospective analysis with proactive mechanisms, CloudBolt enables your team to make better-performing cloud decisions.

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Financial Traceability

Map every cost back to your business

The complexity of handling multiple cloud platforms and inaccurate tagging results in unallocated costs and diminished accountability. CloudBolt normalizes financial data, ensuring you have complete cost traceability and precise allocation customized to your organization’s needs.

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Incorporate guardrails

Incorporate guardrails into every cloud action

Without proper controls, making costly decisions that don’t deliver desired returns is too easy in the cloud. With CloudBolt, your team can promote cost-effective, value-centric actions by integrating governance models into every stage of the resource lifecycle.

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Financial workflows

Accelerate insight to impact

Automation aims to simplify cloud waste remediation at scale, yet current approaches go unused because they’re too rigid or underpowered. CloudBolt offers flexible automation that integrates with your unique tools and processes so you can quickly resolve cost anomalies and reduce waste.

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Assisted Intelligence

Harness the power of assisted intelligence

Getting the right insights to the right people at the right time to make better cloud decisions is not easy. CloudBolt is harnessing AI to offer deeper, more insightful analysis, significantly reducing the cognitive load required to equip all cloud consumers with actionable financial insights.

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Unified cloud management

Operate the cloud your way

Cloud has become the sum of all compute resources – public/private/edge/sovereign. Only CloudBolt has the power to seamlessly automate and orchestrate across it all so that your cloud becomes a unified fabric that helps you finally put the “R” in ROI.

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Are you reaching the full potential of your cloud?

Agility doesn’t have to be the enemy of efficiency. CloudBolt is building solutions that remove the inherent conflict between developer and financial priorities to help you maximize cloud value.
Reduce manual financial processes by 50% or more

Obtain true visibility, accountability, and value creation across your clouds with next-generation FinOps capabilities and intelligent automation.

Automate common cloud activities by 95% or more

Operate with agility using intelligent orchestration to abstract away delivery complexity while applying intelligent guardrails that enable engineers to move at the speed of innovation without being stifled.

CloudBolt cloud fabric
Unify your entire cloud estate

Integrate your technology portfolio into a unified control plane and provide a public cloud-like experience for IT consumers.


Don’t just take our word for it


“CloudBolt named market leader in GigaOm Radar Report for FinOps”

Read the report to see how CloudBolt stacks up against our competitors.

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