As a VMware partner, you may have received notice that Broadcom is terminating your contract.  It’s like the tech world’s version of a breakup text, and you’re probably left scratching your head wondering what’s next.

Now is the time to start exploring solid VMWare competitors, and CloudBolt should be the first call you make.

Why CloudBolt as a VMWare Alternative

Stability Amidst Chaos: For more than a decade, CloudBolt has been passionately focused on helping companies extract ever-increasing value from the cloud. And unlike many newcomers, CloudBolt understands the need to be proficient not only in public clouds but private ones as well (data center, sovereign, etc.) so that companies can treat their cloud as a unified fabric to optimize costs without slowing down innovation. With hundreds of customers, and an unwavering commitment to support, CloudBolt is committed to delivering solutions you can feel confident offering to your customers.

Hybrid Cloud/Multi-Cloud Orchestration: From AWS to Microsoft Azure to Google Cloud Platform, CloudBolt offers a comprehensive solution that spans the entire spectrum of cloud providers. Say goodbye to siloed environments and hello to seamless integration across hybrid, on-prem, data center, and sovereign clouds.

Comprehensive Cost Visibility, Recommendations, and Remediation: CloudBolt provides cloud spending with insights and real-time analytics. Armed with detailed cost breakdowns and actionable recommendations, businesses can identify inefficiencies and seize opportunities to drive savings. Whether it’s identifying underutilized resources or fine-tuning instance sizes, CloudBolt empowers companies to optimize spending without compromising performance. With customizable budget controls and real-time alerts, companies can stay one step ahead of budget overruns and keep costs in check.

Automation: CloudBolt gives enterprises the power to innovate on their terms with intelligent, governed, automated orchestration of hybrid IT environments. Enable every user to deploy infrastructure effortlessly, aligning with business logic and governance for a truly democratized cloud experience.

A Roadmap for FinOps: With CloudBolt, partners have a fast track towards FinOps capabilities with a more agile, automated, and efficient offering. Informed by the latest advancements in AI and ML, CloudBolt transforms financial operations into a strategic advantage.

Flexible Partner Program and Pricing: CloudBolt provides a pricing structure that adapts to partners’ requirements and models. Additionally, partners gain access to 24-hour support, acceleration teams, comprehensive enablement resources, an online partner portal/deal registration, joint marketing, and additional benefits that transform financial operations into a strategic advantage.

Low-pain Transition: CloudBolt makes moving to us as simple, fast, and pain-free as possible.

In the aftermath of Broadcom’s bombshell, you might be at a crossroads. However, adopting CloudBolt can significantly enhance the outlook for your cloud practice.

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