AWS Integration – How to Manage AWS for Peak Performance


Amazon Web Services (AWS) integration allows organizations to take advantage of the highly reliable, low cost, and scalable infrastructure the company provides. It’s a no-brainer. AWS is easy to use, and you never have to worry about servers, databases, and security.

So, the question is, how do you make the most of the integration with AWS? And how do you make it work seamlessly with your existing infrastructure? For starters, you can use a CMP, such as CloudBolt. A CMP will enable your organization to migrate to AWS, consume AWS resources, and deploy resilient applications that scale on demand.

Make the Most Out of Your Move to AWS

Your organization wants to reap the benefits of AWS. After all, it’s the leading cloud infrastructure platform in the world. The question is, are you making the right migration and deployment decisions for your organization?

A cloud monitoring platform that integrates seamlessly with AWS can help manage even the largest production deployments on AWS. The configuration automation and government governance tools it brings to the table can help you chart the best way forward for your business.

Leverage the Experience and Knowledge of Others

Your organization can save tons of time by taking advantage of a catalog of proven, prebuilt, and tested architectures that include fully functioning software stacks. A CMP, such as CloudBolt, can make AWS integration a painless and rewarding process.

You’ll get to leverage industry best-practice and years of experience working with AWS architectures and procedures.

Cost Management

Making the move to a pay-as-you-go model can be a significant change for your organization. It’s easy for cloud costs to run amok if you don’t know what you’re doing. With a CMP in place, you get a cost calculator that gives you forecasts and scenarios to manage cloud costs better.

You can plan across regions, reserved instances, instance types, and more. CloudBolt comes with extensive cost management and reporting. You don’t have to worry about cloud costs if you can reliably predict your cloud spend and identify problem areas.

Efficiently Operate AWS at Scale

A CMP can give you a single pane of glass view into multiple AWS regions and accounts. This enables you to manage a large and complex organization more easily. After all, you’re getting complete Lifecycle Management in one package. This includes self-service provisioning, configuration management, advanced automation, server and application monitoring, governance, orchestration, and self-service provisioning.

Protect Your Applications from Outages

A CMP, such as CloudBolt, will give you a reliable, global cloud infrastructure. This will work as a foundation for building resilient applications. The tool makes it easier to build distributed applications and disaster recovery environments across regions and clouds.

Hybrid Cloud Deployments

You don’t want a scenario where you find yourself tied down to AWS. Consequently, you want to be able to work with multiple clouds. A CMP will give you a multi-cloud platform that makes it easy to integrate a hybrid cloud architecture. Hybrid clouds rely on CMPs to migrate workloads between AWS and hybrid environments. It ensures consistent configuration, automation, and governance.


CloudBolt can help your organization accelerate the adoption of AWS resources. It makes it easier for end-users to use and take advantage of the richness of AWS services.

Top-notch AWS integration experts curate these AWS services. You can be sure CloudBolt will help deliver on the promise of the public cloud without compromising on security, efficiency, and convenience.

Experience the leading hybrid cloud management and orchestration solution. Request a CloudBolt demo today.

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