If you haven’t checked it out yet, the first edition of our CloudBolt Industry Insights report was published last week. You can check it out for free here. And when we say “free,” we don’t just mean that it costs nothing to read and download. We also aren’t asking you to fill out a form to access the research, because we believe this info should be available to all without barriers.

We also wrote about it on our blog here. In addition, there’s a terrific write-up about the report from veteran industry journalist Mike Vizard on DevOps.com here.

There’s a lot of great stats and industry insight in our first report, culled from a survey of over 100 IT leaders at global enterprises, all with over 1,000 users. In the coming weeks, we’ll be diving deep into each of the different areas the report discusses. But today we wanted to highlight three big stats that we asked these folks about and glean some insights on their responses. We hope everyone who reads the report uses the info to learn more about industry trends and helps them inform their decision-making.

Take a look at these three stats and what they mean for your organization as you go on your digital transformation journey.

Key Takeaways

Self-service IT is easier said than done. While 71% of our respondents want self-service IT to be easy for their end users, a clear majority (56%) don’t believe what they’re doing in self-service meets that bar. Organizations need to prioritize removing friction, implement easy-to-understand technologies and replace bottlenecks in processes to clear the path for digital transformation.

Integration doesn’t always mean automation. Most of our respondents (76%) are still custom-coding at least a quarter of their integrations. They also find domain knowledge and scripting/coding expertise to be problems too. Your enterprise has to consider ways to ease the problems of integration, including ways to reduce custom coding and knowledge gaps around these systems.

Blindness into key systems. Over three-quarters of the survey (78%) say they have limited insight into who is provisioning what, where to optimize costs or how to remediate security problems. This just simply isn’t sustainable for a modern enterprise. Too much can go wrong, and you can find yourself on the wrong side of the headlines fast. Enterprises must implement tools that modernize the visibility needed to keep business moving towards digital transformation.

You can learn more about all of these items in the full CloudBolt Industry Insights report here.

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