CloudBolt 8.0 Accelerates Self-Service Hybrid Cloud IT and More


We are pleased to announce the release of CloudBolt 8.0, our hybrid cloud management platform for enterprises. This release helps enterprises continue to accelerate and optimize self-service hybrid cloud and multi-cloud IT resources.

With new and enhanced support for complex IT configuration requirements on the backend, CloudBolt’s IT admins can provide a catalog of customized “blueprints” for end users that are easy to use and more flexible than ever.

We hope you are as excited as we are about these new and enhanced features:

New Support for Anything-as-as-Service (XaaS)

As customers continue using CloudBolt as their trusted source for IT innovation, this release provides new support for XaaS (pronounced “zaas”) to help IT admins configure CloudBolt as a one-stop portal for requesting and managing anything that end users need from IT.  

CloudBolt’s set of customizable resource types and catalog of blueprints has been supercharged for enterprise-wide adoption to implement any critical workflow and to serve as one unified view for all workflows. We have opened up the platform for IT admins to define any IT resource with specific governance for workflows that are configurable on the backend and to expose as necessary for optional settings on the front end.


Customers can now use CloudBolt XaaS to provide anything from self-service laptop requests to complex hybrid cloud computing resources that include storage and microservices running across multiple public cloud provider platforms.  For more information, see Resource Types (XaaS)

New Auto-Selection of Environments

As enterprises adopt hybrid cloud environments, the ability to automate and optimize any critical element becomes game changing to keep up with the speed of digital business. The expectation now is that configuring anything should no longer be a lengthy and tedious chain of entering service tickets, queuing, configuration, evaluation, approval, and deployment, but rather instantaneous for certain repeatable tasks. CloudBolt continues to deliver on that promise with our new auto-selection of environments capability.  

IT admins can now provide their own logic for the best execution venue for workloads, or use one of CloudBolt’s samples, such as choosing the lowest cost environment or the one with the most resources available. Removing this decision for specific users will speed up the implementation process and let IT admins manage resources globally in one view across all IT resources.


The best environment is chosen reliably every time for CloudBolt end users, and IT reaches its goal of not proliferating any vendor lock-in scenarios as well as optimizing for cost or performance conditions. For more information, see Using Orchestration.

Other CloudBolt 8.0 Enhancements

Our rapid release cycle not only provides new support for accelerating self-service IT workflows but also enhanced and ongoing support for existing capabilities. This release includes the following enhancements:

  • Deeper out-of-the box integration with cloud and virtualization technologies such as Microsoft Azure, AWS, and VMware. Also, support for Azure Stack, so Azure Stack and other Azure clouds can all be driven from our unified UI.
  • Deeper Kubernetes support—CloudBolt now offers blueprints in its content library for deploying Kubernetes clusters. Once deployed, CloudBolt blueprints can create deployments, pods, and other object types within those Kubernetes clusters.
  • Dynamic options on forms – CloudBolt can now dynamically update options for one input based on the value the user enters for a different input. This makes the forms in CloudBolt much more flexible and dynamic.

CloudBolt helps IT organizations abstract the complex details for IT provisioning workflows on the backend and expose a more user-friendly interface on the front end—seamlessly updating and provisioning the most relevant resources at the right time, for the right circumstance, without a hitch.

We hope the new and enhanced features in Release 8.0 help to advance your digital transformation initiatives. If you’re new to CloudBolt and want to learn more contact us, or current customers, if you have any questions about installing or upgrading to CloudBolt 8.0 please contact support.

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