CloudBolt Makes it Easy to Integrate SAML2 and SSO Solutions. Here’s How.


Security is critical for a successful IT environment. How important? An insecure environment can lead to a complete loss of data, customer abandonment, or brand erosion. Alternatively, if you have a more secure environment your organization doesn’t show up in a news article. According to Gartner, data and cyber-related risks remain top worries for executives.   

At CloudBolt, we understand this and work stringently to ensure our platform is a security enabler and our customers have secure hybrid cloud environments. This goal has led us to offer role-based access control and granular reporting among other things.

Now with the CloudBolt v9.3 release, we make it easy for our customers to use single sign-on (SSO) and Security Assertion Mark-up Language (SAML2) vendors of choice. Assuming that hybrid cloud IT will stay secure and is someone else’s headache is dangerous. Be bold and make the right choice for your environment. 

Enabling SAML2 Using CloudBolt 9.3 

Our 9.3 release makes it easy for you to use a SAML2-compliant identity provider you trust. SAML is a standard that covers federation, identity management, and SSO. It helps you centralize management of users and give them access to various solutions they plan to use. It does this through authentication, authorizations, and maintaining user logs. Now you can enable SAML2 from CloudBolt very easily.  

Additionally, you can configure SSO through a guided experience using CloudBolt. This detailed step-by-step configuration helps you avoid any manual errors or find certain important information missing. You can also use the SSO vendor of your choice, including service providers such as Okta, OneLogin, Google Authentication, etc. You can consistently roll out SSO for your entire environment i.e. on-prem and public clouds. Thus, when your users are using a self-service catalog you can rest assured that they are making safe choices. Plus, you can keep bad players at bay. 

CloudBolt Makes SSO Easy for Secure Environments 

CloudBolt simplifies SSO and SAML2 service consumption from the cloud management platform. This ensures you are securing your hybrid cloud environment in less time and without manual errors. As a result, you can spend more time innovating and consuming hybrid IT with more control.  

To see how you can use SSO and SAML2 for your hybrid cloud environment, download a free version of CloudBolt or request a demo.

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