Welcome back to the CloudBolt Quick Tips series! In these videos, we present quick tips for using CloudBolt’s enterprise-level cloud management platform (CMP) along with other solutions for your hybrid cloud and multi-tool journey.

Today, we’re sharing information on power scheduling within the CloudBolt CMP.

In the video below, Guy-Francis Kono, CloudBolt Solutions Engineer, walks through the process for customers and shows just how easy it can be to save on public cloud costs and resource consumption by setting a schedule to power off servers for when they aren’t being utilized.

“The benefit of doing [power scheduling] is ensuring that CloudBolt can help in mitigating increases in costs, as well as helping with resource allocation,” Kono says, adding that the feature ensures resources such as CPU and memory are allocated to areas that need them during different times of a given day.

If you aren’t satisfied with how your current cloud management solution handles power scheduling, sign up now for a demo to see how we handle it first-hand and so much more.

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