Earlier this year we announced the acquisition of Kumolus, a member of the AWS Advanced Partner Network with AWS Cloud Management Tool (CMT) Competency accreditation. This acquisition will accelerate CloudBolt’s expansion into the APAC region and rapidly advance our expertise in public cloud management. To celebrate, we’ve capitalized on the team’s expertise to deliver our first guide: The Guide to AWS Cost Optimization

Our goal with this guide is to help the broader community by simplifying complex cloud concepts that underpin cloud optimization decisions. This guide is written for cloud administrators, technical executives, and FinOps managers responsible for overseeing cloud platform efficiency.

Each topic in this guide offers an in-depth understanding of the key concepts, best practices, and presents tips we’ve learned that help administrators optimize their cloud spending.

Enjoy our four inaugural articles while we work to create more content for you in the coming weeks. Want to learn something specific? Feel free to write to us at marketing@cloudbolt.io.

The four inaugural articles are on the following topics:

AWS EBS Pricing

AWS Data Transfer Pricing

AWS Disaster Recovery Pricing

AWS Savings Plans

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