IT Automation Secrets: Extensibility Matters, Across Everything


Is your business falling behind in the race to the top?

Your business moves fast. Different, often-competing units within your enterprise want to achieve business priorities, drive efficiencies, and rapidly produce revenue. They’re relying on IT to provide the resources necessary to grow fast. They need what they need and they need it now—as in yesterday.

How can you ensure fast compliant delivery of resources—be it virtual machines (VMs), applications, public cloud resources, or other types—so your business can grow quickly without friction and delay? The answer: IT automation.

We’ve recently posted our latest eBook, The 7 Secrets of IT Automation, which gives you the opportunity to learn a step-by-step action plan to unlock the potential of your hybrid and multi-cloud environment.

This is the second in a weekly blog series examining each of the seven secrets. This week we’ll look at Secret 2: Extensibility Matters – Across All Your Systems.

Secret 2: Extensibility Matters – Across All Your Systems

Isn’t it terrible when stuff just doesn’t work? This applies not just to our everyday lives but can be especially infuriating when your enterprise technology hits its limits – most often in the form of a lack of extensibility. It can bring progress and productivity to a screeching halt. It doesn’t have to be this way. To get ahead, you need private data centers (vCenter, Hyper-V), public clouds, and/or Infrastructure-as-Code platforms (like Terraform) to work together.

Empower your users to leverage new and legacy technology whenever and however they need them by leveraging codeless integration. Promote an “adopt the best technology vs. best of suite” mindset. Successfully extending to multiple cloud providers in an organized fashion while trying to predict the future doesn’t have to be a painful task. Don’t make your developers wait for months just for integration of new technologies. Extensibility makes it happen.

Secrets No More: Unlock the Power of IT Automation. See How CloudBolt Can Help.

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