Shadow IT Running Amok? Here’s How Cloud Control Solutions Can Help


Can cloud control solutions, such as CloudBolt, help you rein in shadow IT? Shadow IT is a complex problem and requires a nuanced approach. Having the right tool is just one piece of a complex puzzle. 

So, what exactly is shadow IT? Shadow IT uses unsanctioned software, devices, and services outside the control or ownership of your organization. If left unchecked, shadow IT can also pose a grave security threat to your cloud environment. For instance, developers can fire up VMs outside the sanctioned cloud providers. Or they can even create back doors for accessing the organization’s internal systems. 

The NetEnrich 2019 Cloud Adoption survey said organizations spend between 20 percent to 40 percent of technology funding outside IT’s purview. In this era of easily sharable apps and increasingly cheaper devices, shadow IT is a priority for many organizations. It’s hard to know whether your cloud infrastructure is secure and compliant when others use technology behind your back. 

So, how can your organization combat this rampant problem? 

Reining In Shadow IT and How Cloud Control Solutions Can Help

Have Everything at Your Finger Tips

IT leaders must know where the organization’s data reside. They should also know how the organization is using it no matter what devices it uses. Taking such measures makes it easier to keep track of all devices, both new and old, accessing your cloud infrastructure. 

Have Regular Meetings with LOBs (Lines of Business)

One of the biggest causes of shadow IT is a cumbersome internal structure. Whenever you identify an instance of shadow IT, there should be a proactive response. Find out why that LOB did not report back to IT. Also, find out how you can improve processes around new software and devices. 

Interdepartmental coordination can help everyone to become more efficient and communicative. This reduces the risk of compliance breaches. 

Implement Technology 

Have you identified the issues causing shadow IT in your organization? Now, you need to take a proactive approach toward solving them. This is where technology comes in. The right cloud control solutions allow the organization to become more agile. The solutions also give you the visibility you need to stay on top of shadow IT.  

Manage Guidelines Around Applications and Devices

Establish rules to help employees better grasp what they can do and what they can’t do. Put in place processes to quickly approve or reject new software/technology sought by LOBs. 

Make Forgiveness a Core Part of IT Culture

Sometimes it’s impossible to prevent shadow IT. It happens, and it’s not always malicious. You want to build a forgiveness culture where users are not afraid to explain their actions for fear of punishment. This culture can help develop better communication across the organization. 

You Can’t Protect What You Can’t See 

Shadow IT is a threat to many enterprises because of the compliance and security risks it poses. By fostering better communication and monitoring architecture, your organization can manage shadow IT. Cloud control solutions enable IT to implement cloud governance and have complete visibility into cloud infrastructure. These tools provide data security tools to identify anomalies and trace cloud use to specific individuals or groups. 

Discover CloudBolt’s solutions to keep shadow IT at bay in your enterprise.

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