Video Recap: How CloudBolt Help Accelerate Digital Transformation Journey


Jeff Kukowski, the CEO of CloudBolt Software, recently sat down for a discussion with Swapnil Bhartiya, the Editior-in-Chief of on all things CloudBolt, hybrid cloud, digital transformation, and how organizations can simplify previously-complicated processes.

Kukowski explains the recent acquisition of SovLabs and the introduction of CloudBolt OneFuse as new ways organizations can more easily address the challenges of multi-tool management in the hybrid cloud world.

The SovLabs acquisition provides CloudBolt “the ability to meet [VMware vRealize Automation (vRA)] customers where they are, and quite frankly, helping them get faster time-to-value, better compliance and less complexity,” Kukowski says.

As for the introduction of OneFuse, Kukowski says organizations with a multi-tool environment, OneFuse helps solve issues around time-to-value, security, compliance and costs.

“We do that through a software-defined approach where we abstract what a user or an engineer needs to know about what they’re using from just giving them from what they need,” Kukowski says. “OneFuse and CloudBolt help to mitigate challenges between engineers getting what they need when they need it and IT being able to provide that with the guardrails, security and compliance the organization needs to continue its digital transformation safely.”

Check out the full interview below.

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