We recently held a special webinar to explore the findings of the inaugural CloudBolt Industry Insights report, “The Truth About Hybrid Cloud and Digital Transformation.”

In this webinar, our Chief Marketing Officer Grant Ho teamed up with Matt Grant, a B2B tech writer and cloud industry expert, to take a deep dive into the findings from the survey of over 100 global IT leaders.

One particular area of interest was in this topline statistic: IT leaders unanimously (94%) believe that a hybrid cloud approach is critical for digital transformation, but recognize self-service ITautomation and optimization challenges often stand in the way.

“The idea of using digital technologies to transform how we work has been going on for a long time,” Matt Grant said. “There is an absolute consensus that if you want to have a totally digitally-enabled business…it would not be possible unless you had the scalability and flexibility and all the different options of the hybrid cloud.”

“It’s pretty clear that hybrid cloud is the core enabler of that successful strategy,” Grant Ho added.

Here’s more of what Grant and Matt discussed:

  • Digital transformation and Self-Service IT: Easier said than done
  • Automation: Integration woes
  • Optimization: Opaque visibility and limited insight
  • What IT Leaders Need to Succeed
  • The Path to Comprehensive Hybrid Cloud Management
  • Q&A and more…

Watch this webcast replay to discover how your IT peers are navigating the path to digital transformation and learn the latest best practices in hybrid cloud management.

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