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Earlier this week, we looked at five best practices for container orchestration, why your enterprise needs IT self-service, cloud-native vs. third party cloud automation and orchestration tools, and provider-native vs. third party automation platforms.

With that, onto this week’s news:

Report: Cybercriminals Targeting the Cloud

Zachary Comeau, My Tech Decisions, July 6, 2020

“As more organizations migrate to the cloud, cybercriminals and bad actors are following that trend and are targeting the cloud more frequently, according to a new report.

And, the increased adoption of cloud services during the COVID-19 pandemic could be playing a role, says a joint report from DNS security firm EfficientIP and International Data Corp.

Despite the alarming trend and ability of cybercriminals to adapt to a changing threat landscape, enterprise awareness and cybersecurity defenses are also improving, as the vast majority of respondents said security was a critical component of network infrastructure.”

Pandemic influences IT staffing trends

John Moore, SearchITChannel, July 2, 2020

“COVID-19 has a mix of implications for IT staffing trends, creating permanently remote workers, shifting demand for skill sets and changes in the gig economy.

The reopening of the economy, which is continuing in some areas of the U.S. and being put on pause in others, has created a considerable degree of uncertainty for the IT labor market. But some signs seem to point toward a steadying of the business climate.”

Survey Finds IT Teams Rising to COVID-19 Challenge

Mike Vizard, DevOps, July 2, 2020

“In many ways, the COVID-19 pandemic has been the ultimate test for IT teams. The bulk of many workforces overnight became remote workers. Many of those end users are now starting to return to the office, but no one knows for sure if they will be sent back home again because of another flare-up.

A survey of 519 IT professionals conducted by ManageEngine, a provider of IT service management (ITSM) software, suggest most IT teams have risen to the COVID-19 challenge. According to the survey results, 85% of respondents said they were equipped with the right remote-support equipment or were able to procure it quickly to enable a productive remote work environment. In addition, 83% of respondents said they believe IT will be better appreciated in terms of budgets, salaries and recognition in the wake of the COVID-19 crisis.”

Business climate may be stabilizing for tech companies

Esther Shein, Tech Republic, July 1, 2020

“Technology companies continue to see customer interest in cybersecurity, cloud computing and other areas, perhaps indicating that the business environment is stabilizing, according to a new survey by CompTIA, a nonprofit trade association for the global tech industry.

Customers are most interested in cybersecurity-related products and services (cited by 42% of tech firms surveyed), shifting on-premise infrastructure or applications to the cloud (42%), managed and outsourced IT services (40%), and general consulting help on how to “go virtual” (40%), the survey found.”

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