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Securing the future – where are the risks in multi-cloud?

Richard Meeus, ITProPortal, Jan. 22, 2021

“If multi-cloud is set to boom in the coming year, then what are the potential threats that businesses should be aware of from a security perspective, and how can you get ahead of the potential new threat actors targeting your business? Businesses have to deal with the increased risk that remote working brings. Through a transition to the cloud, employees are accessing that data from untrusted networks. So not only are businesses dealing with multiple data sets sitting in multiple clouds, they are being accessed via insecure networks and therefore the surface attack area for attackers is growing. The attacker’s first port of call is to attempt to compromise weak credentials, unprotected devices or untrusted networks in their efforts to steal valuable data or hold businesses to ransom.

A noticeable trend during the pandemic has been a spike in application attacks on websites. These attacks are looking for weaknesses in your website, either in the coding or in obsolete components used within. Once exposed, the damages can be huge as can be seen in the myriad of different breaches disclosed every year. In a recent Akamai panel discussion on the topic of multi-cloud, its researchers revealed that they detected a 200 percent rise in attacks on applications during the pandemic, with one million a day in January rising to around approximately three million a day in September.”

Will The Cloud Take Down The Mainframe?

Tom Taulli, Forbes, Jan. 23, 2021

“‘Considering that innovation happens today in the cloud first, both ‘Big Iron’ and public cloud providers operating at ‘hyperscale’ have an important role to play. We will continue to see innovation around hybrid cloud models that feel more like a mashup of monolithic and distributed architectures than a dramatic changing of the guard. The public cloud footprint is no longer limited to a handful of data center regions. The new cloud frontier is expanding to cover the network’s edge with solutions like AWS Outposts and Azure Stack that bring the cloud closer to the mainframe. The future will favor solutions that facilitate the adoption of these hybrid models.’

So all in all, the mainframe world will continue as it has. If anything, it will probably grow as hybrid approaches show results.”

IT leaders see outsourcing cybersecurity as one solution to increased attacks

Veronica Combs, TechRepublic, Jan. 26, 2021

“Just over half of survey respondents said that security was the biggest challenge with cloud infrastructure. However, improving cloud security did not show up in the top three spending priorities. IT leaders said they will be making investments in increased storage and flexibility, multicloud and/or hybrid cloud capabilities, and system maintenance in 2021. 

The report authors note that security is a basic building block of all these functions and write that ‘the more security vulnerabilities are minimized, the greater chance your business has to continue running or recover from unforeseen events like cyberattacks, IT equipment failures, and natural disasters.’”

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