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Protecting the Hybrid Cloud With Zero-Trust

Sue Poremba, Security Boulevard, May 25, 2021

“There are a lot of security issues in the cloud, and the hybrid cloud must address the security concerns facing both the private cloud and public cloud. New services and new applications are introduced with increasing frequency, and these new capabilities offer threat actors new routes of attack, Malik explained. The problem is, security teams continue to default to traditional approaches, and that ends up leaving the hybrid cloud’s attack surface more vulnerable. The hybrid cloud needs to be able to identify users in real time. Because employees’ jobs evolve over the course of their career, their online permissions will change.

However, that change doesn’t come at once. Sometimes, the employee will need to keep an access permission just for the transition from one job to another; in other cases, it should be shut down immediately. There will be permissions that depend on completed training. Whatever the situation, identity management is a complex task, especially across the multiple platforms of the hybrid cloud. Deploying zero-trust makes it easier to determine access and authorizations.”

Denodo: More Than One-Third of Businesses Use Hybrid Cloud

Daniel Hein, Solutions Review, May 24, 2021

“According to a report recently released by Denodo, more than one-third of businesses are using a hybrid cloud deployment. This information comes from the Denodo Global Cloud Survey 2021 report, based on a survey of 150 organizations in the North America, EMEA, and APAC regions. The survey showed how cloud adoption continues to climb as companies move advanced workloads into the cloud.

Around 80 percent of the companies surveyed for this report answered that they already had some type of workload running in the cloud. In terms of cloud usage, the number of businesses that are either planning their cloud strategy or have move one or multiple workloads onto the cloud has trended downward since 2020. Conversely, more companies stated that their cloud stage is ‘Advanced’ (e.g. heavily used by their business) has risen, indicating how essential the cloud has become for enterprises.”

Cloud democracy – cloud-based apps in a post-pandemic world

Dashveenjit Kaur, TechHQ, May 20, 2021

“The particular technology that powered most business responses was the cloud. In fact, a recent IDG Cloud Computing Survey suggests that with 81% of organizations already using cloud computing or having applications in the cloud, the age of the cloud is well and truly arrived. Last year’s growth was proof, where the cloud services market expenditure for full-year 2020 grew to US$142 billion, up 33% from US$107 billion in 2019.

Experts reckon that businesses need to reframe the conversations around the cloud from traditional monolithic enterprise resource planning (ERP) to a more democratized cloud environment where cloud apps can help organizations be more agile in a post-pandemic world.”

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