What Is A Cloud Platform?


What is a cloud platform? A cloud platform refers to the operating system and hardware of a server in an Internet-based data center. It allows software and hardware products to co-exist remotely and at scale.

So, how do cloud platforms work? Enterprises rent access to compute services, such as servers, databases, storage, analytics, networking, software, and intelligence. Therefore, the enterprises don’t have to set up and own data centers or computing infrastructure. They simply pay for what they use.


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Types of Cloud Platforms

There are several types of cloud platforms. Not a single one works for everyone. There are several models, types, and services available to help meet the varying needs of users. They include:

  • Public Cloud: Public cloud platforms are third-party providers that deliver computing resources over the Internet. Examples include Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud Platform, Alibaba, Microsoft Azure, and IBM Bluemix.
  • Private Cloud: A private cloud platform is exclusive to a single organization. It’s usually in an on-site data center or hosted by a third-party service provider.
  • Hybrid Cloud: This is a combination of public and private cloud platforms. Data and applications move seamlessly between the two. This gives the organization greater flexibility and helps optimize infrastructure, security, and compliance.

A cloud platform allows organizations to create cloud-native applications, test and build applications, and store, back up, and recover data. It also allows organizations to analyze data. Organizations can also stream video and audio, embed intelligence into their operations, and deliver software on-demand on a global scale.

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