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Why CloudBolt?

The sun has set on Red Hat CloudForms. If your team is looking for an alternative, consider CloudBolt’s comprehensive, user-friendly, and innovative cloud management platform. Designed with a deep understanding of today’s evolving IT landscape, CloudBolt bridges the gap between your teams and technologies.

As the only platform engineered to meet the needs of IT Ops, Security, Development, and Finance stakeholders, CloudBolt is easier to deploy and run, offering advanced features that make it the ideal choice for your team seeking a modern approach without lock-in.

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The features you need

CloudBolt offers the leap forward you need to tackle modern IT challenges. Its deep integrations into Red Hat technology and comprehensive suite of user-friendly features, including:

  • On-demand application provisioning, customizable automation options like Ansible & Puppet, cost reduction optimization, access control policies, and much more
  • Unparalleled flexibility – no other cloud management platform can compare with the breadth or depth of CloudBolt’s solutions.
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