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CloudBolt vs. CloudHealth for Cloud Financial Management

Are you looking for an objective, third-party perspective on the top cloud financial management solutions? Get an unbiased, vendor-neutral comparison of top cloud financial management solutions. Unlike other vendors who share in-house comparison guides, CloudBolt believes in empowering IT decision-makers with objective insights from respected industry analysts.

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CloudBolt named GigaOm Leader

How CloudBolt performed

At CloudBolt, we have the confidence to let our solution speak for itself.

Top rankings

  • #2 in “Business Criteria” category
  • #2 in “Emerging Features”‘
  • #4 in “Key Features” category
  • Top 3 overall, closest to center with Apptio and NetApp
  • 1 of only 4 vendors named an “Outperformer”

Key strengths

  • Advanced forecasting, trend, and variance analysis to manage cloud budgets
  • Cloud rate optimization across public and private clouds during provisioning
  • Seamless IT finance integration and chargeback with systems like SAP and Oracle
  • Proprietary AI/ML algorithms for anomaly detection and cost insights
GigaOm CloudBolt

Why read the GigaOm Radar for Cloud FinOps?

Objective, unbiased analysis

While some vendors may cherry-pick data to paint their solutions in the best light, CloudBolt is committed to transparency. That’s why we’re proud to share the complete GigaOm Radar report, which provides an independent, forward-looking assessment of all the major players in the cloud FinOps space. Their analysts do not engage with vendors outside the research process to avoid unintentional bias.

Focused on critical capabilities

The report defines the most relevant functional and non-functional aspects that are widely adopted and well-implemented, such as:

  • • Dynamic extraction of pricing data from multiple public clouds
  • • Budget threshold management and alerts
  • • Cost allocation and showback
  • • Security, authorization, and audit controls

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“CloudBolt has a strong offering in both FinOps capabilities and cloud operations as a whole. The strength of these capabilities puts this solution in the Innovation/Platform Play quadrant as an Outperformer and Leader.”


– GigaOm Radar for Cloud FinOps

GigaOm Leader Cloud FinOps