Voice of the Customer

The wisdom of the crowd speaks loudly. Especially when it’s wrapped in love.


Global Industrial Manufacturer - From 40 hours to minutes

See how this Global Indsutrial Manufacturer was able to give their engineers the automation and optimization they needed to scale effectively with CloudBolt,
turning 40 hours of dev time into mere minutes.


When’s the last time you actually loved a tech provider? CloudBolt’s customers and partners love doing business with us. It’s not a typical vendor relationship. We roll up our sleeves and get in the trenches. We listen deeply. And we obsess over their success. But don’t just listen to us – learn about the CloudBolt difference in the words of our customers and partners based on their real-world experience with us.

The crowd has spoken. See what they have to say. And discover why the love is real.

Multiple Solutions Require multiple solutions to manage hybrid cloud

Custom Integrations Custom integrate your way to automation

IT infrastructure requests fulfilled in weeks

Manual Cost Updates
Manually aggregate cost data in spreadsheets

Islands of Automation
Varying tools erode

Decentralized Security
Compliance and security
haphazardly applied

Lack of visibility
Lack visibility into resource comsumption (no FinOps)

Difficult self-service
Self-service requires expertise

Human improvements
People suggest improvements

Centralized Framework
Plug into the neural network

Share innovations Build once & reuse/ leverage everywhere

Self-service for everyone
in minutes

Unify disparate tools
Allows choice among departments

Automated real-time tracking
Real-time usage tracking; auto-updated

Centralized security
Consistent and standardized governance

Comprehensive visibility
Views for individuals, departments, regions, corporations, etc.

Easy self-service
Expertise is built into the workload

Machine Learning Improvements
Computers analyze trends for improvements

IndustryAverage 2.5x Industry Average CloudBolt NPS Net Promoter Score

With a Net Promoter Score being 2.5X higher than the industry average, it is clear that our customers an amazing level of trust in our team as well as our hybrid & multi-cloud solutions and are far more likely to recommend us to their peers over users of competitors.


Customer Use Case

“We now have the highest ESAT (employee satisfaction) for the whole company”

Company Use Case - Global Entertainment Company

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“Light, simple powerful.”

“CloudBolt is easy to integrate with other platforms and highly customizable. Light, simple, powerful.”

Data Center Manager
Fortune 500 Communications Company

Customer Use Case

“Buying CloudBolt was pretty much a no brainer.”

Company Use Case - National Financial Company

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Case Study

Home Depot


“CloudBolt and all its supporting members have been the best product and group we have worked with to date.”

Hybrid Cloud Product Owner
Fortune 500 Energy Company

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Major Financial Services Organization + CloudBolt

“Easiest automation product”

“One of the easiest automation products you will ever setup. Their support has been outstanding, and they really understand their own product.”

Enterprise Architecture and Technology Innovation
Services Industry

“Cut provisioning time from hours to minutes”

“We used to do a lot of manual provisioning before CloudBolt. Now, we’ve cut provisioning time from hours to minutes and cut down the processes from 10 to 2.”

Staff Systems Engineer
Services Industry

“Love it!”

“The upgrade for CloudBolt is quick and easy, kudos to your development team, I love it!”

Lead Architect
Fortune 100 Insurer

Case Study

State IT Agency + CloudBolt

“Get Synergy”

“Our dev team is in a completely different management chain so it’s been hard to get synergy. CloudBolt helps us with that process.”

Lead Cloud Architect
US Television Network and Production Company

Case Study

US State Government + CloudBolt

“The Next Evolution”

“CloudBolt is the next evolution in system automation.”

Solutions Architect
Services Industry

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Fortune 500 Retailer + CloudBolt

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RightCloud + CloudBolt


“A customizable tool that will exceed most enterprise hybrid cloud requirements.”

Staff Systems Engineer
Retail Industry

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Major University + CloudBolt


“An amazing hybrid cloud management Platform which fits every customer’s need.”

Staff Systems Engineer
Services Industry

Case Study

Major Software Company + CloudBolt

Case Study

Hamburg Sud

Case Study

PS&C + CloudBolt


"Rarely does a product offer a "win/win" the way Cloudbolt has. This product has reduced significant overhead for our Operations team while providing our development groups the level of self-service they've desired for a long time."

Manager/Internal IT
Healthcare Company

“A Complete CMP”

"CloudBolt (CB) was able to completely replace our old Cloud Management Platform within a month of deploying it…This is a complete CMP”

Sr. Systems Analyst
Government Customer


Infrastructure & Operations
Manufacturing Company

"Excellent product with an extremely easy installation/maintenance process.”



Let us prove to you why CloudBolt should be at the top of your cloud operations wish list.