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Consumer Retail Company

Consumer Retail Company Company: Consumer Retail Employees: 25,000 Annual Revenue: $3.5 billion Location: United States Their Technology Virtualization: VMware vCenter,…

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Neustar Case Study

CloudBolt – IHG Case Study

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Apr 29, 2024
What is cloud fabric orchestration

Understanding the Cloud Fabric The cloud fabric encompasses all the different clouds, services, applications, tools, and threads interweaving to form…

Mar 15, 2024
Top 3 cloud financial management challenges

Introduction As cloud costs continue to rise, comprising an ever-larger share of IT budgets, there is increasing executive scrutiny on…

Feb 20, 2024
VMWare Alternatives: Exploring migration options after Broadcom acquisition

As the saga of the recent $69 billion acquisition of VMware by Broadcom continues to play out, it has sent…

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