Focus on FinOps: The alignment paradox

Since the advent of FinOps, much progress has been made in industry adoption and business alignment. In fact, our previous study showed that 82% of companies now had a formal FinOps team in place.

This study sets out to find out what, if anything, is still standing between current-state FinOps and achieving continuous return-on-investment in the cloud, and if there are any gaps between FinOps teams and the stakeholders they serve.

Real-World Insights

  • How much progress have companies made in creating a culture of FinOps and alignment across teams.
  • Are there any lingering gaps between FinOps teams and DevOps/Engineering teams?
  • What nirvana should look like for a company with alignment across all teams.
  • Recommendations for unlocking the full potential of FinOps.

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