Decentralize decision-making without the risk

Accelerate innovation and reduce risk with automated self-service that balances governance, control, and developer flexibility.

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Confidently accelerate cloud adoption

Secure, Compliant, and Financially-Aware Cloud Management
Provisioning screen
Steer towards controlled agility

Steer towards controlled agility by removing slowdowns. Allow users to consume cloud quicker using approved blueprints that guarantee alignment with all critical business requirements.

Automated Cloud Savings
Financial implications in center stage

Get cost right from the start by putting financial guardrails center stage. Compare options, automate approvals, and bake-in budget limits upfront to minimize waste.

Hardened cloud deployments by design

Innovate fearlessly by automatically integrating security, compliance, and controls into every phase of the cloud lifecycle so risk protection is never an afterthought.


Elevate efficiency, reducing decision-making time

In an environment where approximately 20% of time is lost in decision-making, CloudBolt offers a better approach solution. Its intelligent platform integrates security, compliance, and financial control into cloud management, significantly reducing cognitive load and minimizing errors.

CloudBolt’s approach to policy enforcement in the DevOps lifecycle accelerates release velocity without compromising oversight. By shifting policy enforcement, testing, and approvals earlier, it enables faster, more efficient decision-making. Regulations are embedded as code with automatic validation, fostering an environment of innovation with reduced risk.

At its core, CloudBolt ensures technical leaders retain visibility and control, empowering teams within secure, policy-driven guardrails. Automated compliance checks, restricted self-service consumption, and layered security integrations build oversight by design. This holistic approach to cloud management not only saves time but also empowers organizations to operate more effectively in the cloud.

Efficiency wide

Put a financial focus in cloud development

Promote responsible financial decisions among developers using preemptive steering. CloudBolt gives development teams the tools they need to model deployment costs, automate tagging, create t-shirt sizing and much more, simplifying decision making and promoting a culture of fiscal responsibility.


Uncompromised security and compliance

Elevate the security and compliance of your cloud. CloudBolt integrates your specific requirements – from security protocols to compliance mandates and network configurations – directly into each new build, ensuring they meet the highest standards of protection and compliance right from the start.

Compliance list

Clarity, security, and seamless integration

Clarify organizational hierarchy, displaying system order and usage.
Contextual access and permissions

Enforce least privileged access and zero trust security models using role-based access control, single sign-on, or OAuth protocols, enhancing security and trust.

Clipboard check icon
Approval frameworks

Implement triggers for approval processes tailored to public and private clouds, using your preferred ITSM or chat tools, ensuring efficient and controlled cloud actions.

Alert Icon
Alerting and communication framework

Incorporate alerting and chat integration with tools like Slack, Teams, Email, and custom integrations like PagerDuty, facilitating timely notifications and efficient communication for different groups and services.


Full-lifecycle financial governance

Today’s technical leaders require visibility and control over cloud budgets — without compromising agility. CloudBolt provides the guardrails and automation to align cloud utilization with business priorities.
Calculator cog icon
Budget-aware deployments

Define budgets at the group or resource level, integrating with existing financial data sources, and set custom alerts.

Cost presentation icon
Cost modeling

Leverage real-time modeling of cost estimates pre-deployment, enabling data-driven provisioning aligned to capacity.

Quotas icon
Cost quotas

Define quotas that specify either the maximum number of resources or the maximum cost teams can allocate.

Enlarge icon
Automated resource scaling

Autoscaling seamlessly responds to changes in demand, scaling infrastructure up or down based on predefined metrics.

Cycle icon
Lifecycle administration

Proactively identify unused resources and decommission based on policies or integrate with DevOps toolchains.


Built-in safeguards for worry-free innovation

Flexible guardrails that ensure organizational security, compliance, and financial controls are 100% factored in.
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Secure DevOps acceleration

Shift security left in the software lifecycle by codifying and version controlling guardrails as code through CloudBolt. Reduce remediation costs via earlier integration testing for policy compliance.

CICD icon
Continuous infrastructure testing

Enable better CI/CD by proactively validating infrastructure provisioning and configurations through data protection, pipeline health validation, network isolation, and downstream tool integration tests.

Security integration icon
Extensive security integrations

Achieve layered risk protection through 150+ joint integrations with leading tools like Palo Alto, Hashicorp, Splunk and CyberArk.


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