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Self-Service IT & User Empowerment

Our eBook on Self-Service IT & User Empowerment will help you navigate the ever-growing stack of cloud automation technology your enterprise needs.

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 Deliver agility and self-service IT so your users
can move faster while maintaining IT governance

As IT, you’re constantly asked to do more, and move faster. You want to enable users to get services in minutes vs. weeks or months. IDC has predicted that, by 2024, 80% of digitally advanced organizations will have replaced the outdated IT delivery with a self-service model. Are you ready for the future?

Develop a simple self-service catalog to boost productivity of your users

CloudBolt provides a user-friendly catalog that comes pre-loaded with service blueprints for your users to start using on day one. You can easily create additional blueprints to fit unique use cases using CloudBolt’s intuitive self-service catalog. You can create multi-tier blueprints, with storage, compute, network, disaster recovery and firewalls to help you deploy complete application stacks with just a few clicks.

Role-based control means users only see the blueprints they need, simplifying user experience and avoiding resource sprawl. You can further set provisioning conditions such as approval workflows, budgets and quotas, so resources don’t go off the rails. Take the right step towards transforming your enterprise from passive IT management to active innovation.

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Integrate private and public clouds to deliver a true hybrid cloud experience

Your users require rapid delivery of services across public, private, and SaaS cloud environments. They want IT to deliver the best solutions to meet their problems. With pre-built integration scenarios for more than 20 resource handlers your users get what they want. Users have self-service access to technologies like AWS, Azure, vCenter, SCVMM, Veeam, Rubrik, Okta, Kubernetes, Terraform and much more.

Extensibility and configurability are built in, making conforming to IT best practices an inherent part of the provisioning process. CloudBolt offers an extensible, plug-in architecture with more than 200 ready-to-use services, including plug-ins, remote scripts, webhooks, and more. This lets you easily integrate your existing tools and technologies into CloudBolt orchestration workflows for flexible IT self-service options.

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Provide relevant environment information for better decision making

With self-service IT you are enabling your users to be more responsive and deliver value to your business faster. With CloudBolt, you’re also empowering users to make better decisions when selecting infrastructure and resources.

By providing relevant information about environment options, you help users understand the resource rates for both public and data center resources. You’ll do periodic checks on resources in terms of usage, health status, utilization and right-size as needs change, as well as self-service actions such as pausing a server or closing unused ports to keep your environment efficient.

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Very elegant, simple, straight-forward solution, but yet very extensible and customizable. Took only 30 minutes to download, configure, and hook it up to a resource handler and begin managing/provisioning/orchestrating vm's.

CloudBolt is easy to integrate with other platforms and highly customizable. Light, simple, powerful.

One of the easiest automation products you will ever setup. Their support has been outstanding and they really understand their own product.

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