The orchestration layer in the cloud manages the interactions and interconnections between cloud-based and on-premises components. These components include servers, networking, virtual machines, security, and storage. In a nutshell, the orchestration layer is responsible for the governance, control, and coordination of the service delivery process.

The logic of this layer is too abstract, so it’s not always visible to cloud management platform users. The goal of the orchestration layer is to optimize and streamline frequent, repeatable processes. This guarantees speedier, accurate deployment of services in the cloud. As a result, your organization can increase its speed to market. It also helps you govern your environment better as you can automate a lot of things. 

How the Cloud Orchestration Layer Can Help Your Organization

  1. Simplified Optimization

Automation is a subset of orchestration. So, what does this mean? It means automation handles individual tasks while orchestration integrates automation. Orchestration effectively turns individual tasks into a larger optimized workflow.

  1. Control and Visibility

The orchestration layer gives IT admins a unified dashboard that gives them a single pane of glass view of cloud resources. It provides them with tools that can help to monitor and modify virtual machine instances with little manual input.

  1. Reduce Errors

Orchestration helps solve challenges associated with the cloud. It automates small and straightforward operations even without the intervention of IT staff. For example, if a disk runs out of storage space, it can create space by deleting junk applications and files. Or with orchestration, add storage tiers in the environment to help organizations better manage storage as specifically applicable to a workload. 

  1. Cost-Effective

The orchestration layer helps with automated cloud metering. It allows organizations to improve cost governance and promotes efficient use of resources. This allows organizations to reduce infrastructure costs and realize long-term cost savings.

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