Managing data in the cloud can be a nightmare, so you need services, such as Rubrik automation. Rubrik is a single platform that brings backup, archival, analytics, compliance, search, and copy data management under one roof. It works across all your data centers and cloud. And now you’re wondering – is Rubrik a worthwhile investment for my organization? Today, we’ll explore some of the most impressive and surprising things about Rubrik that make it a must-have. 

Streamlines and Automates Data Recovery

Rubrik comes with a feature called Live Mount. It makes a full SQL Database or Virtual Machine accessible from backup in seconds. Consequently, it can help your organization achieve its RTOs (lower recovery time objectives). 

So, how does this work? Rubrik presents the VNM or SQL Database directly from its storage and maps it to your server. This allows you to access your data directly. You don’t have to move or restore your data to access it. You can simply gain access to a small piece of data and pop it back where it resided on your production server. You could also recover a whole server within minutes. 

One of the most outstanding features is the single-file recovery option. It saves your organization tons of time switching from traditional recovery processes to recovering only a single file. You don’t have to deal with extended downtimes because of a single file. You’ll be up and running within seconds. 

Made for Scalability and Growth

Rubrik grows as the business grows. As you expand or change your clusters, you won’t have to control separate resource islands since Rubrik operates as one system. Rubrik automation brings a modular approach to data management to your business. You can work with new databases and applications without messing up the existing ones. Rubrik’s designers built infinite scaling into its core code. 

Fault-Tolerant Backups

Should your system fail, you need a reliable recovery solution that prevents lengthy downtimes and large-scale outages. You want to maintain normal productivity amid the chaos. Rubrik brings fault-tolerant backups to your organization. It incorporates redundant power supplies and doesn’t have a single point of failure. Overall, you get a more reliable system. 

Rubrik treats your backups with the same level of importance you treat your primary systems. It makes sure that no matter what happens, you can seamlessly access your data without interrupting your operations. 

Save Money

Your organization will cut data management costs by using Rubrik automation. You realize the savings from the following:

  • Single-file recovery makes small-scale end-user data recoveries more practical. It saves man-hours across the entire business. 
  • Rubrik removes the need for contingency storage hardware in your data center. 
  • The backups done by Rubrik reduce server and storage load on your primary servers. This can cut costs of production hardware and improve the efficiency of overnight batch processing. 
  • Rubrik supports the seamless and cost-effective tiering of backup data onto multiple private and public cloud services. This reduces the overall size of your Rubrik automation cluster.

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