CloudBolt recently held a webinar to discuss the critical topic of tackling shadow IT with role-based access control for hybrid cloud environments.

In the webinar, Nilesh Deo, CloudBolt’s Director of Product Marketing, described the current landscape of hybrid cloud IT as one rife with potential for problems around shadow IT, rising associated costs and a lack of governance that can lead to multiple headaches.

“[Shadow IT] can lead to a lot of resource wastage, and you may not know how much you’re spending on those resources,” Deo says.

The CloudBolt RBAC Difference

As part of the webinar, Guy-Francis Kono, CloudBolt Solutions Engineer, went through the details of how CloudBolt’s Cloud Management Platform (CMP) provides IT with the necessary guardrails and role-based access control features to help keep shadow IT at bay and hybrid cloud deployments in order.

“We’re trying to make IT serve the business, and not be a point of headache here,” Kono says.

You can watch the full webinar replay here or below.

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