CloudBolt is an enterprise hybrid cloud management platform that helps enterprise IT with their multi-cloud deployments. As a hybrid cloud management platform, CloudBolt enables enterprise architects to deliver cost transparency, optimization, capacity and resource planning in one place, saving time, and letting IT staff focus on achieving digital business initiatives with a faster time to value. With this strong hybrid cloud management platform in place, self-service IT enables end users with the IT resources that they need and when they need them.

Hybrid Cloud Management Platform Benefits for the End-User

Multi-cloud complexity involving security, agility, and vendor lock-in are risks to any digital transformation initiatives for enterprises. A full-featured hybrid cloud management platform helps remedy these issues by bringing both internal and external cloud resources into one secure user-facing application. An end user can then access the cloud environments that the system administrator has given them access to without worrying about vendor-lock-in limitations, or having to learn new vendor-specific user interfaces or terminology.

Hybrid cloud management platforms like CloudBolt provide tools that trigger permissions based on groups, costs, and services. This can shorten the cumbersome approval process that can affect productivity within an enterprise.  CloudBolt’s hybrid cloud management platform also prevents users from over-provisioning resources.

The CloudBolt hybrid cloud management platform saves time because it provides workflows to end users that install, connect, and provision resources quickly.  With other cloud management platforms, the process can take weeks to complete.

Driving Business Value from your Hybrid Cloud Management Platform

CloudBolt’s hybrid cloud management platform can help drive business value. It provides way to achieve cost savings by automatically turning off servers not being used with power scheduling. Apart from that, customers do not need expensive professional services to use CloudBolt because they can quickly set up the tool on their own and it will be up and running in no time.   

Cloudbolt is a hybrid management platform that helps support enterprise digital transformation initiatives. It helps lower operational costs while also saving time by  providing enterprise IT the ability to manage all cloud infrastructure environments from one unified view.

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