Getting Soaked by Your Public Cloud Spend?

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According to the State of FinOps report, 39% of engineers are not able to take direct actions to save on cost. CloudBolt Cost Management is the only platform that allows users to take action in real-time. CloudBolt’s Cost Management helps you save up to 40% in cloud spend by taking direct actions from the platform. We do this through dashboards and reports that can be easily customized and drilled to gain insights into your cloud environments. Further, optimize your cloud spend automatically from our platform directly and don’t waste money paying for what you don’t need. With our refresh rate of 15 minutes, we bring a real-time to your environment that our competitors cannot.

With CloudBolt you will:

  • Gain granular visibility into your public cloud environments
  • Deliver cloud cost savings of 30-40% through continuous optimization
  • Ensure comprehensive security & regulatory compliance