7 Deadly Sins of Public Cloud
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Avoiding the 7 Deadly Sins of Public Cloud Costs

Enterprises are wasting $14.1B in public cloud spend every year. Discover the 7 deadly sins that repeatedly cause waste and cost you money

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Cloud cost optimization is a continuous exercise. Let us simplify it for you

IDC expects the worldwide spending on public cloud services to more than double over 2019-2023 from $229B to $500B1. If you are in public cloud this might be shocking. However, with CloudBolt Cloud Management Platform (CMP) and Cost & Security Management Platform (CSMP), you’ll reduce your cloud spend with ease.

Analyze resource utilization in cloud with granular visibility

CloudBolt CMP and CSMP capabilities help you make informed decisions by providing granular information to decision-makers. Through simple cost dashboards and effective cost reporting, you can immediately understand your cloud usage. You can support one or multiple environments through a comprehensive dashboard. Further, customize your reports for groups, users, or environments. You can drill down into each area as needed with simple clicks.

Compare the actual spend vs. the budgeted spend so nothing is a surprise for you. You can also identify the most expensive systems or outliers by owner and environment. This financial transparency helps you with show back/chargeback/shame back for your cloud users.

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CloudBolt Cost Dashboard
Optimize your cloud environment with automated actions

In most cloud environments, spend goes high as resources stay on, are overprovisioned, or underutilized. In a public cloud environment this could mean hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars of wastage. You can use our capabilities to not just identify these resources but take actions on them. For example, set expiration dates for resources so that they don’t remain idle. Or you can set a quota for users, groups, or environments so that your teams keep their environments optimized.

You can also set power schedules for the instances/virtual machines in cloud environments. Especially, during weeknights and weekends when your resources are lying dormant and not used by your users turning them off can lead to big savings over time.

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CloudBolt Recurring Job Details
Leverage CSMP for reservation management in public cloud environments

Cloud providers such as AWS and Azure give customers an ability to reserve capacity at a discounted price in the range of 20-70%. These are one- or three-year reservations that you can pay for all upfront, partially, or with no payment. However, managing reservations using a manual process and spreadsheets can be next to impossible as the consumption goes up.

CSMP provides recommendations in a central place depending on your past usage trends. You can leverage these reports to identify potential savings and divide them by regions, environments, and instance types. If you are using upfront payment, CSMP helps you manage that as well. Plus, you can see the recommendations directly in CSMP based on utilization and then take actions directly from CSMP.

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Learn how CloudBolt helped Neustar lower their AWS OpEx by roughly $3Million annually

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