CloudBolt for Managed
& Cloud Service Providers

Distinguish your service portfolio and expand your team’s capabilities with CloudBolt.  CloudBolt enables MSPs and CSPs to meet their customer’s evolving needs via powerful, easy-to-use, functionalities for AWS, Azure, and GCP, including:
  • Clear billing visibility & automation 24/7
  • New and differentiated services such as:
    • Infrastructure Testing
    • Provisioning Automation
    • Workload Governance & Security
Fill the expertise gap and offer more with CloudBolt’s Framework

Survey of global enterprises
utilizing MSPs/CSPs reveals:

Need better governance insight

Need to know –

  • Who is provisioning resources?
  • Cost drivers and where to optimize?
  • How to remediate security issues?
If their MSP or CSP provided that visibility, how valuable would it be?

Frustrated with their Service Provider

  • 3 out of 4 respondents said they are frustrated with their current MSP/CSP and considering a switch in the next 12 months.  
  • 89% would prefer to consolidate to a single managed services provider for cloud management.  
“Our MSP clients tell us that the CloudBolt framework of capabilities enables them to better deliver on-going value to their clients.”

Believe MSPs are failing to help them properly optimize cloud spend

Other areas where respondents are asking their service providers to step up include:

  • Provide more/better multi-cloud options and expertise (55%) 
  • Offer better cloud automation enablement (48% 
  • Increase cloud spend visibility (42%) 
  • Automate remediation of cloud spend inefficiencies (24%) 
CloudBolt can help your practice provide increased capabilities and value across all these areas, and more!

Customer Report Automation

You likely just accept the expense, time drain, & customization nightmare your customer billing has become. Simply stated….. there is a better way! CloudBolt customers are finding savings, flexibility, and new service offerings to expand the customer impact.

Billing Visibility

78% have too many tools/islands of automation, 79% say they are hitting a wall using said tools, and 88% want an ‘overarching solution’ they can plug investment into for greater benefits.

What if you could…

  • Customize pricing and margins per customer and display those just for that customer
  • Auto-alert customers (Org-wide down to individuals) as they approach quota limits
  • Detail customized reports per customer regions, departments, individuals, and more

Offer New & Differentiated Services

CloudBolt research shows that today’s Global IT organizations (79%) have hit a wall using existing clouds and tools. Same survey also reveals, 88% want something they can plug existing investments into for centralized governance, visibility, automation, and optimization.

CloudBolt Provides MSPs/CSPs a Framework for Acceleration

CloudBolt’s comprehensive offerings make it simple. Go beyond traditional offerings from competitors, differentiate your service by offering unique capabilities with CloudBolt. Easily build new service on our flexible framework.

How is CloudBolt Different Than CMPs
and Cost Management Solutions?

The following are additional capabilities beyond current CMPs and Cost Mgmt. solutions.
CloudBolt Framework can be a replacement to existing solutions but can also be complimentary.
Plug in what you have, CloudBolt and Service Provider deliver the rest.


Allow your customer to plug-in whatever tools they prefer.
(Open API arch, 100s of prebuilt)


Periodically auto-test, ensure service levels and uptime are met. (Auto-schedule)



Help customers auto-find unknown workloads. More found = greater value.




Enable re-use/share service so customers can be more efficient (customer’s personal GitHub)


Automate delivery – use less staff to maintain the environment & services


Views into consumption from Corp to Region to Individual enable customers to deliver accountability


Allow customer as much control as they want - Granular RBAC, 100s of auto-security/compliance checks & policy built into integrations, workloads, & processes


Help customers improve by analyzing trends, recommending improvements, finding anomalies