Using the SovLabs template language that is built into the SovLabs vRA Extensibility Plugin, you can achieve flexible, yet powerful IT processes in vRA without annoying Blueprint sprawl.


Here’s an example of using a templated vRA variable to dynamically choose a DNS domain at Request time.


Create a vRA custom property (it could be a drop-down, or a static property somewhere.)  

Then update your IPAM configuration in vRA (Items-> Sovlabs vRA Extensibility modules > SovLabs IPAM.)

Replace value in the DNS Suffix field  with the name of your new vRA property in double curly brackets {{ }} like below:



I made my vRA property named testDNSsuffix and I just set mine on the blueprint for testing purposes.  You can create a property definition for a drop-down list and apply that to your blueprint to allow a user to select from static options.  

Then you just need DNS configurations, one for each DNS domain.  The workflow will choose the DNS configuration that contains the domain matching the one in the vRA variable.

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