VMware Acquisition Aftermath

Broadcom’s $61 billion acquisition of VMware in November 2023 has created a seismic shift in the virtualization and cloud market. With significant changes in licensing, support, and partnership programs, IT leaders are facing crucial decisions under tight deadlines. Our latest research report, CII Reality Report: VMware Acquisition Aftermath, takes a raw and honest look into this disruption with surprising results: customers might not be jumping from the VMware ship just yet.

Real-world insights

We surveyed 300 enterprise IT decision-makers across various industries from companies of all sizes that use VMware to uncover their real-world responses and strategies as they grapple with the acquisition’s implications. Key topics include:

  • The primary concerns IT leaders have about the acquisition and how these concerns are influencing their strategies
  • The potential disruptions to IT strategies and what it means for future planning
  • The anticipated financial changes and how businesses are preparing for them
  • The urgency and timelines IT leaders are working with to adapt to these changes
  • How companies are balancing their current VMware usage with potential new solutions and strategies

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