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Manage multi-node Kubernetes clusters with ease

Deploy multi-node Kubernetes clusters with few clicks 

CloudBolt allows you to deploy multi-node Kubernetes clusters for your container environments with just a few clicks. You can further provision container-based applications into the alreadyprovisioned Kubernetes clusters with ease. 

CloudBolt takes away the effort of learning how to provision Kubernetes cluster and applications so you can focus on more important activities. With customizable blueprints, you can deploy container-based applications and clusters quickly, deliver value to your customers faster and get back to more strategic initiatives. Kubernetes management was never this easy! 

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CloudBolt Kubernetes Cluster Deployment Blueprint
Gain granular visibility into your Kubernetes environment

CloudBolt helps you gain visibility into resources that are being consumed across on-premises and public cloud resources. You can monitor your clusters closely for resource usage by a particular cluster over a period of time. You can drill down further into who has deployed those clusters and where.  

This helps you drive more accountability within your IT environment without sacrificing productivity. Many organizations are asking for this level of visibility as users are consuming more managed Kubernetes resources (such as Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service, Azure Kubernetes Service, Google Kubernetes Engine, etc.) directly from cloud providers. Sometimes IT needs more granular level of information than system generated billing. You get the required level of visibility with CloudBolt in simple reports with a few clicks 

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CloudBolt Report Avg CPU last month
Govern your Kubernetes environment with role-based access control

CloudBolt helps you eliminate complexity and enable self-service IT and user empowerment, even for your Kubernetes clusters. Using the assigned roles and operating environments, users will be allowed or not to provision Kubernetes clusters using simple blueprintsUsers no longer expect to file a ticket and wait for their resources.  

This gives you the assurance that only the right team members can deploy Kubernetesbased resources. Additionally, you can combine features such as quotas and expiration dates to ensure users dont misuse resources. Or, you can also use approval workflows, so that you can control resource provisioning better. Thus, providing self-service IT for your Kubernetes environment with complete control.  

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CloudBolt Product Overview
Key Features and Benefits

CloudBolt's Product Overview

Learn why Fortune 1000 companies are making CloudBolt their hybrid cloud management platform of choice.

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