CloudBolt Features

Cost Transparency & Service Health

Get proactive about spend and service availability that can lead to service delays

Track Spending For IT Environments Across Multi Clouds

Align Your IT Spend, Support User Adoption

  • Make disarray between your IT spend and business groups a thing of the past
  • Take budgeting and cost recovery from aggravating to smooth sailing
  • Leave behind the multi-step, manual processes of tracking spend for multiple clouds
  • Accelerate and streamline user adoption, and trust that IT will detect service problems before users do


You’re an IT pro, not an accountant. You want to focus on initiatives that help move business forward, rather than scrambling to figure out who is using which resources and how you can reconcile your budget. You probably also don’t want to have to deal with service problems your developers find before your IT team does. 

There’s an easy way to track spending for IT environments across clouds and prevent service problems. CloudBolt delivers cost visibility and pro-active infrastructure testing to drive user adoption and create successful hybrid cloud deployments.

How CloudBolt Makes It Happen

CloudBolt synchronizes estimated costs from public cloud services and allows IT teams to input costs for internal data center resources. The result is the ability to visualize and compare costs between public and private cloud resources. It also supports user adoption through continuous infrastructure testing, which empowers IT with the ability to test service delivery, including dependent processes and integrations, to ensure availability for end-user consumption.

CloudBolt comes with cost transparency and service health built-in. It features the ability to normalize costs across public and private resources, and will help you be proactive in keeping services healthy and available.


Whether it’s public cloud or the private datacenter, IT resources cost money. Provide end-users with the ability to see and understand what they’re spending upfront before it’s too late. CloudBolt also provides the ability to set spend quota on individual users groups to ensure spending doesn’t exceed a specified threshold.

When ordering a service that can be deployed in more than one cloud, users will see the upfront estimated cost for that service. This provides them with the ability to determine whether or not the venue they’ve chosen for their service fits within their budget. This ability along with the ability to re-route server provisioning tasks based upon custom business logic makes CloudBolt ideally suited for providing guidance on best execution venue for a given workload.

There’s more to deploying a cloud automation platform like CloudBolt than installation and configuration. With so many downstream systems being orchestrated, administrators need some way of knowing with a high degree of confidence that the system is up and available. When one of these systems does encounter an issue, the Continuous Infrastructure Testing (CIT) feature will discover the problem and report its status back to CloudBolt administrators.

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