This how-to will walk you through the necessary steps to login with an SSH private key to your template VM. 


Please follow steps outlined in this article SovLabs Puppet Agent: SovLabs Puppet Agent Configuration: How-To – Use SSH keys with Provider Node Credentials where we pickup from Step 4.



Step 1 Create and Copy Private Key to remote VM
  1. Copy private key to new file called centos7template01.txt
  2. Type ls to verify file is there
  3. Copy file to remote VM 
  4. Type yes to connect and transfer file
  5. SSH into remote VM (Cent7-07)
  6. Type ls to confirm file copied successfully
  7. Set permission to 600 using: chmod 600 centos7template01.txt


Step 2 SSH from Remote VM to template VM 
  1. Use Private Key to SSH: ssh -i centos7template01.txt root@
  2. Type yes to connect
  3. Successfully connected!


Additional information

Sovlabs Puppet Agent Configuration: How-To – Use SSH keys with Provider Node Credentials

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