Simplify ongoing management with intelligent configurations across vRealize Automation, Terraform and more. Get started today for free!

Here’s what you’ll get with OneFuse Community Edition:

  • Centralize your property and tag definitions using API-based OneFuse Property Sets
  • Drive properties and tags dynamically, improving standardization while reducing the number of properties and tags needed per configuration across logical boundaries and tools 
  • Dynamically create or read OneFuse Property Sets within vRA Cloud Templates to drive configurations for any type, not just machines 
  • Use property and tag definitions simultaneously across multiple platforms with our supported upstream integrations for vRA 7.x, 8.x and Terraform 
  • Drive entire groups of dynamically computed properties using blueprint inputs in vRA and go further with together with vRA 8.3 property groups 
  • Ability to nest OneFuse Property Sets for even more powerful management scenarios 
  • Migrate from vRA7 property groups to OneFuse Property Sets and consume in both vRA7, vRA8 and Terraform with platform-specific sections 

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