CloudBolt® Cloud Management Platform

Govern your hybrid cloud and achieve self-service IT

CloudBolt is an award-winning hybrid cloud management platform that lets you govern your hybrid cloud while empowering developers with self-service IT. By quickly turning the enterprise into a cloud provider, CloudBolt lets you unleash a responsive, agile alternative to runaway IT that gives application teams what they want, whenever they want. The result? Greater business agility and unrivaled time-to-value.

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CloudBolt Starter Edition

Quickly discover and manage your zombie virtual machines

$3 million. That’s the average price most data centers pay for unmanaged virtual machines (also known as “zombie VMs”). And that’s only if you’re lucky enough to find them. With CloudBolt Starter Edition, finally get an easy way to discover zombies so you can secure and decommission when you need. The bottom-line? Better day two management, security, and lower ownership costs across your vSphere environment.

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CloudBolt Cost & Security Management Platform

Continuously optimize, secure, and govern your public cloud

How much are you spending in AWS? What’s the security and compliance position of your Azure workloads? How does your cloud architecture stack up to PCI-DSS or the AWS Well-Architected Framework? CloudBolt delivers 30-40% cloud savings through continuous optimization you need to simplify cloud optimization, ensure security & regulatory compliance.

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OneFuse® Integration Platform

Are you using vRealize Automation 8 (vRA 8) or Terraform? Maybe it’s Bash and PowerShell? No matter the tool, how are you integrating with the rest of your IT infrastructure? With OneFuse, you finally have a way to simply IT management and integration. OneFuse replaces expensive custom code with easy-to-configure, governed services that can be used across all automation tools, clouds, and teams.

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Optimize your VMware vRealize Automation (vRA) investment

If you’re on vRA 7, your environment is probably filled with complex blueprints, custom integrations, and reservation policies. How are you managing that complexity? How can you simplify before migrating to vRA 8? OneFuse makes future proofing vRA 7 easy with a software-defined approach to blueprint management and integrating vRA 7 with your networking, security, configuration management, and backup tools.

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Support and Services

Look to a trusted partner for your hybrid cloud journey

At CloudBolt, our mission is simple. Make T champions our heroes and end-users fans of IT. Our professional services, training, and technical teams are here to partner with you—wherever you may be on your cloud journey—to ensure ongoing success with CloudBolt, OneFuse, SovLabs, and more. It’s no wonder our net promoter scores (NPS) is 2.5X the IT industry average.

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