Achieve peak cloud efficiency

Relevant insights and actionable automation help elevate optimization opportunities into transformational outcomes.
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Transform how your business optimizes the cloud

Empower your teams to maximize value and minimize waste
Automated Cloud Savings
Elevate resource utilization, eliminate waste

Ensure balanced cloud efficiency by enabling users to rapidly identify and respond to inefficiencies across their cloud environments.

Define your own meaning for cloud efficiency

Use customizable parameters to ensure optimization analysis and recommendations match your risk tolerance and architectural requirements.

Quickly transform insights into actions

Enable continuous savings without the manual effort with task assignment and automation capabilities that empower quick responses to cost anomalies.

Maximize returns

Strategically manage cloud reservations and savings plans by ensuring users have can monitor existing commitments and model purchasing strategies for future commitments.


Master the optimize phase

Provide your users with actionable recommendations and clear pathways for optimization and cost reduction.
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Single pane of glass

View the efficiency health of your entire cloud estate in a single management console that provides users with the tools they need to analyze and quickly remediate cost anomalies.

Recommendation icon
Action-ready recommendations

CloudBolt continuously analyzes historical cost data and resource usage patterns to identify optimization opportunities and guides users towards the optimal path for remediation.

Recommendation filtering

Teams can easily pinpoint the optimization opportunities that matter most to their specific cost center, project, or business unit.


Manage and track opportunities at scale

Optimization doesn’t start and stop with your FinOps team. Achieving peak cloud efficiency requires organizational involvement. Which is why CloudBolt offers features that help your team maintain clear oversight of optimization activities at scale.
Cost efficiency
Task assignment

Manually or automatically assign tasks to their appropriate owners and integrate seamlessly with tools you already use in your workflow.

Time-based suppression

When a recommendation is assessed and deemed acceptable, users can leverage suppression rules that mark tasks as reviewed and archive for a set period of time.

Task comments and tracking

Stay on top of every recommendation and action with task comments that create a historical record of your optimization activities and statuses.


Turn insights into action at scale

Our user-centric approach to cloud resource optimization ensures control, efficiency, and adaptability to your specific cloud needs.
Wide-ranging automation capabilities

Achieve precise and efficient resource management. Automation capabilities span backups, rightsizing, and power scheduling, with filters tailored for service type, group, tags, and regions, aligning with diverse cloud infrastructure requirements.

Cost Adviser

Custom recommendation logic

Our advanced service advisor engine isn’t just smart – it’s personalized to your organization’s unique needs.
CloudBolt Automation Screenshot
Tailored rightsizing analysis

Set specific parameters for CPU and memory utilization metrics to align cloud optimization recommendations with your financial strategy.

Instance class configuration

Instance class options allow you to rightsize within a preferred instance class to ensures smooth transitions and unwavering performance for your resources.

Idle resource analysis

Maximize resource efficiency and cost-effectiveness by setting specific parameters for CPU, network, and memory usage to optimize allocation and capitalize on savings opportunities.


Intelligent Automation

Use intelligent automation to close the ‘insight-to-action’ gap in your business and get to balanced cloud efficiency faster.
Centralized icon
Centralized management for automation

A unified platform for configuring, monitoring, and tracking all tasks, complemented by role-based access control.

Alert Icon
Proactive notification and opt-out options

Provide pre and post-task alerts with opt-out options, ensuring informed participation and autonomy.

Cycle icon
Confident testing with dry runs

Enable users to evaluate the efficacy of automation tasks before full deployment for risk-free implementations.

Speedometer icon
Efficient background execution

Important workflows execute autonomously in the background, boosting overall operational efficiency.


Maximize your cloud rate with commitment optimization

Centralize the management of your cloud reservations and savings plans with CloudBolt. Model future purchases, monitor current commitments, and track upcoming renewals in a single pane of glass.
Tailored analysis for informed purchasing

Achieve significant savings by strategically acquiring new reserved instances or savings plans. Detailed modeling tools allow for comprehensive analysis, accommodating various terms (1-, 3-, and 5-year) and resource types. This approach ensures your purchases are well-informed, strategic, and perfectly aligned with your cloud environment needs.

Effortless management and tracking

Easily manage your commitment usage and monitor your savings. Track Reserved Instance utilization over time with CloudBolt’s alerts for expirations and renewals. Receive proactive alerts for upcoming reserved instance expirations, ensuring timely renewals. This continuous optimization approach guarantees sustained efficiency and cost-effectiveness in your cloud resource management.

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