As a FinOps pro, the cloud can bring complexity to your business. You need a solution to help achieve:

  • Cloud cost transparency and efficiency through custom reports, chargeback/shameback
  • Clear visibility into hybrid cloud resources and usage
  • Revenue growth through cloud adoption through an enterprise
CloudBolt Solutions Overview

CloudBolt Solution Overview: Hybrid Cloud Delivered

Learn the nine key features that produce the transparency, control, and visibility of effective cloud management

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Features & Benefits

Get the Cloud Cost Control You Need with CloudBolt
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Enforce IT Governance and Spending Policies

Without proper visibility and governance in place, your IT environment is susceptible to shadow IT. 33% of security attacks will be on shadow IT resources by 2020. Shadow IT can also lead to cloud spend without your knowledge.

CloudBolt’s role-based access control powerfully assigns a role for each user or group and provides role-based privileges.

IT can further assign resource-based quotas for CPUs, Memory, Disk, Cost, and Server count to groups or users. Thus, simplifying capacity planning and resource allocation related decisions.

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CloudBolt Cost Dashboard
Simple Cost Dashboards to Keep Track of Spend

CloudBolt synchronizes estimated costs from public cloud services and allows IT teams to input costs for internal data center resources. The result is the ability to visualize and compare costs between public and private cloud resources.

It also supports user adoption through continuous infrastructure testing, which empowers IT with the ability to test service delivery, including dependent processes and integrations, to ensure availability for end-user consumption.

CloudBolt comes with cost transparency and service health built-in. It features the ability to normalize costs across public and private resources, and will help you be proactive in keeping services healthy and available. Plus, you can build powerful custom reports and include chargeback/shameback/showback for your enterprise.

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Self-Service IT
Save Time & Effort with Self-Service IT

IT’s time is often taken up by requests from end users for resources. With CloudBolt, that time can be better spent on strategy initiatives thanks to self-service IT capabilities. These allow teams to use the cloud to drive innovation, and business revenue.

Using simple yet powerful blueprints, IT can provision and manage resources within minutes. You don’t need to script or spend time entering credentials. Once IT integrates with a new resource handler such as vCenter, Hyper-V, AWS, all the credentials are maintained to speed up resource delivery.

Forget the days and weeks required to build a machine—this happens in minutes.

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Learn how CloudBolt helped Neustar lower their AWS OpEx by $3M annually

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