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VMware vRealize Automation

Discover how 200+ vRA Customers are using vRA and handling the upcoming migration to vRA 8.

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Assess, Optimize, and Migrate Faster

You’ve invested a lot of time in your vRealize Automation environment and we don’t think you should have to start from scratch to make the move to vRA 8. With more than 150 VMWare Certifications and a world class Net Promoter Score, CloudBolt can help you accelerate and future-proof your automation goals.

Assess your Current Environment

Overtime, environments get complicated. Blueprints sprawl and custom code becomes an accepted new normal. Our Migration Readiness Assessment can help you clearly see what’s in your current vRA environment and plan for migration.

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Reduce Complexity

Using the OneFuse Integration Platform, replace up to 80% of your custom developed integrations with policy-based services that eliminate unnecessary blueprints and consolidate dependencies. Policies are easily moved into vRA 8 to accelerate your migration effort.

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Minimize Management Overhead

With OneFuse, you can centralize and manage integrations with vRA 8 using governed business logic and role-based access. Reduce the manual handoffs between IT silos and improve efficiency across DevOps, NetOps, and Security.

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vRA Optimization Assessment Findings
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vRealize Automation Optimization and Upgrade Assessment

Receive an automated analysis of your vRA environment's optimization opportunities, potential for blueprint reduction, and readiness for vRA 8.

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