CloudBolt announced today the acquisition of SovLabs, a leader in codeless technology for hybrid cloud deployments, to help organizations along their hybrid cloud management journey.  

To dissect the news, Grant Ho, CloudBolt’s Chief Marketing Officer sat down with Jeff Kukowski, CloudBolt’s Chief Executive Officer to discuss the SovLabs acquisition, what SovLabs’ capabilities will mean for CloudBolt customers and what the market can expect from CloudBolt going forward.

What follows is a summary of their Q&A. You can watch the full conversation below. 

Q: Can you share a little bit about what SovLabs is and what SovLabs does?

A: Sure. SovLabs is an award-winning integration technology. So, as companies are on their hybrid cloud journeys, the way in which companies do that today using other technologies is typically to script or to use custom code. SovLabs takes an approach of saying, “let’s get out of this mess of scripting and custom coding and let’s use software to have simpler, more maintainable integrations.”

SovLabs’ focus has been on the VMware vRealize Automation base. These are great capabilities and we want to continue to be a partner to them. But what SovLabs does is actually make those implementations happen faster and be more maintainable.

Further as enterprises look to additional tools like Terraform, Ansible and ServiceNow, those same scripting and custom coding examples exist again. And what we want to do with SovLabs is eliminate that scripting and custom coding. They do it beautifully.

Q: With CloudBolt and SovLabs coming together, can you share a little bit more about the motivation behind the move and what this means to customers and the market? 

A: The motivation for CloudBolt is that we want to meet enterprises anywhere they are in their hybrid journey, and with any tool that they select. VMware provides a fantastic set of capabilities with vRealize Automation. Many enterprises have selected them as a capability. We, through SovLabs, will help them if they select to continue to broaden their capabilities within vRA. We make it easier, we make it faster, we make it more maintainable. 

Further, those enterprises are finding that their engineers, their IT people, and their applications teams are selecting new technologies that are exciting. We want to enable those customers on that journey as well by reducing custom code, reducing scripting, and reducing complexity, so that their hybrid cloud projects and digital transformation projects are easier and more maintainable. So, the acquisition is all about meeting customers wherever they are on their journey. 

Q: We have a great customer base at CloudBolt. What does this mean for the CloudBolt customer? 

A: CloudBolt customers are very similar to SovLabs customers. They’re primarily big Fortune 5000 companies, and they’re on their journeys. What do they need? They need the very same capabilities. They’re selecting technologies that require custom coding and require scripting.  

The SovLabs capabilities, in terms of their market knowledge, and their deep VMware expertise, help CloudBolt customers on their journey as well. They have these integration challenges with new technologies like Cohesity, Rubrik, and I already mentioned Terraform, ServiceNow, Veeam, etc. 

SovLabs brings not only that skill set, but a lot of that technology to make that easier for CloudBolt customers. They also add capabilities around the globe that help us provide better service and support as well. 

Q: We also have a great base of SovLabs customers now as well. Can you share what this means for the SovLabs customer base, Jeff? 

A: With CloudBolt, SovLabs customers pick up very deep DNA in understanding what it means to automate, have visibility and have governance across hybrid cloud environments. Our teams are some of the very best in the world, having implemented cloud management platforms for some of the largest and most visible digital transformations around the globe.  

So, the combined team really is, I think, the best team in the market to help companies on their hybrid cloud journey. 

Q: Anything further to share about the future of CloudBolt moving forward in this exciting hybrid cloud time? 

A: We are going to continue to run at technologies and people to make it easier for organizations on their hybrid cloud journey. So, we look forward to meeting prospects and customers that need our assistance and we’re very excited about the announcement today. 

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