Veeam Acquired for $5 Billion: How Does CloudBolt Support Veeam?


Recently, mergers and acquisitions have been very common in the hybrid cloud space. On Jan. 9, Insight Partners announced its agreement to acquire Veeam Software for a whopping $5 billion.

This is a big deal in the cloud backup and data protection solutions space. Veeam, based out of Baar, Switzerland, is one of the backup and data management leaders along with leaders such as DellEMC, Veritas and IBM. 

What is Veeam? What is this acquisition about?

Veeam has been leading the cloud data management providers space in the Europe, Middle East and Africa markets. They have also been capturing the US market at a steady click and is currently valued at a $1 billion run rate. They have thousands of customers including more than 80% of Fortune 500 companies and have presence in more than 30 countries. 

The cloud data management industry has seen some consolidations recently. Establishing leadership in new regions and adding larger customers seems to be the idea behind the acquisition. In fact, Veeam’s new CEO William H. Largent said this acquisition will help Veeam to scale at an unparalleled pace (in the US and globally).

How is Veeam used by customers?

Organizations want to move to public clouds to gain the agility and flexibility at a pay-as-you-consume model that public clouds offer. However, migrating workloads and data to the cloud poses some unique challenges around data migration, data management and its protection in public clouds. 

Customers need to ensure the data quality, identify the right applications and account for data replication and disaster recovery. They need to finally analyze whether refactoring old applications for cloud makes sense or whether they should use cloud for greenfield applications only. 

Veeam has been instrumental in helping customers migrate and protect data across both private and public clouds. Its partnerships with a wide variety of hardware manufacturers, such as NetApp, HPE and public cloud providers such as Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure has helped its customers immensely. With backup and disaster recovery solutions across the entire hybrid cloud, Veeam has provided a framework for data management.

However, to manage any hybrid cloud properly customers also need to have granular visibility of their environment. Cost management is another factor to keep in mind as hybrid cloud usage scales. Also, defining guardrails to establish boundaries without hampering agility is key to govern a hybrid cloud platform. We have seen customers struggle with these challenges as hybrid cloud is adopted rapidly by different teams and manual processes start to breakdown. To ensure that you stay ahead of these challenges you need a proven cloud management platform. 

How can CloudBolt help your Veeam integration and management?

CloudBolt is a trusted platform for customers who want to transform their IT environments. It integrates with solutions including Veeam to let users focus on more strategic activities by automating a lot of mundane tasks around orchestration through templates, establishing guardrails for consumption, etc. 

CloudBolt helps customers using Veeam with use cases including provisioning their Veeam tagged resources, running Veeam backup and replication policies on existing servers, automating recurring jobs, etc. All of this is done through simple UI extension in CloudBolt.

Hundreds of customers have made their cloud environments more efficient through unparalleled self-service, cost visibility and orchestration capabilities from CloudBolt. It can be deployed in minutes, is simple to use and easy to extend through API integrations; making it the most powerful tool in your infrastructure management arsenal.

Learn more about this integration and how CloudBolt can help you maximize your cloud environment.

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