Culmination of innovations and investments create comprehensive overarching capabilities that help enterprises tame cloud complexity 

The Market Keeps Trying New Cloud Solutions, but Comes Up Short 

Simply stated… the approaches taken to manage cloud infrastructure have not worked well. And as companies move to multiple clouds, things become exponentially more complicated and unwieldy using traditional approaches.  A whopping 88% (9 out of 10) are seeking an “overarching solution”1 because organizations find themselves with multiple tools, pockets of preference, and islands of automation…. each “area” trying to solve the chaos their own way from their own perspective! Cost management, resource optimization, cloud management, configuration management, provisioning & automation, governance, compliance, security……chaos and … queue U2’s “I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For  

Introducing a Better Approach to Multi-Cloud, Multi-Tool Infrastructure Management 

Today, CloudBolt announces a comprehensive set of capabilities that form a framework specifically built to unify islands of automation and disparate systems, morph to address your most pressing needs now, while providing the flexibility to adapt to whatever comes next. We saw an opportunity years ago to bring together cost and cloud management. We wanted to build new and flexible services but needed to be able to integrate easily and scale effortlessly. We wanted to be comprehensive enough to offer value in the most complex environments and demanding situations, while also being easy enough to set-up provisioning, reporting, and automate tasks wherever possible. Plus, do it all in a way that affords each company the flexibility to either use specific CloudBolt capabilities or leverage existing investments from other vendors more effectively.  

A Cloud Framework that Delivers More 

8 out of 10 (79%) global IT (Information Technology) professionals surveyed stated they are “hitting a wall using existing solutions”2. They want something that can sit on top of and extend all their tools, fill any gaps in cloud capabilities, and be simple and easy to use.  

Well, CloudBolt delivered! 

Take the Next Step 

Chances are your cloud approach has either hit a wall or you are rapidly approaching it. You need to rise above it with a highly flexible, overarching solution that bridges tools, cloud choices, and investments while offering additional advanced capabilities to further accelerate cloud transformation. 

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