Time For MSPs/CSPs To Be Who Their Customers Need Them To Be


Admittedly the title is a bit vague, but what I’m specifically referencing is making sense of multi-cloud infrastructure. Cost, Optimization, Automation, Self-Service, Orchestration, Governance, Security, Compliance… and the list continues! Simply stated…organizations today are struggling! As they introduce 2nd and even 3rd cloud options, cost roll-up, multi-cloud automation/orchestration, resource optimization, and reuse become exponentially more difficult! In the most recent CloudBolt Industry Insights Report (CII) 95% of surveyed IT professionals agree they have a real skills deficiency to handle the complexity.

The opportunity in front of cloud-oriented service providers is MASSIVE! Nearly every enterprise is struggling with how to better manage cloud costs and increase visibility across multi-cloud environments, even if they have existing or native tools! MSP & CSP customers are telling you what they want and how (see below)… For the MSPs/CSPs that figure it out, there is a vast majority of organizations seeking to pay a premium to remove cloud complexity!

The Danger of Doing Nothing

In the research mentioned above, 300 MSP/CSP customers shared that 4 out of 5 (80%) of them are “so frustrated with their current MSP that they are actively looking to switch to a new provider in the next 12 months”! This potential churn should be alarming to any cloud-oriented service provider. The people that buy your service and keep you in business are not happy and looking to leave because they are saying they can’t get what they need from you!

But that also means OPPORTUNITY!

Those same customers also told us what they want to be fixed (or why they’re seeking to leave):

  • Inability to properly optimize cloud spend (60%)
  • Limited multi-cloud options (58%)
  • Inability to better enable cloud automation (50%)
  • Lack of visibility across cloud spend (41%)
  • Inability to automate remediation of inefficiencies (24%)

What else did we learn from MSP/CSP customers?

  • 88% use two or more cloud-oriented service providers, but 87% prefer a single strategic provider
  • 97% are willing to pay a premium to a service provider who delivers on the shortcomings identified above! 79% willing to 5% OR MORE!

Areas customers believe cloud-orient service providers can have a positive impact:

  • 91% – Agility
  • 89% – Digital Transformation
  • 82% – Reduced Time to Market
  • 81% – Cost Savings

83% agree that it is important for service providers to embrace sustainability.

How much time, effort, and money would you have spent chasing answers to these questions? Luckily, we already have them – and they are available to you for free and without any obligation on your part. Just download your free copy of this important new research and listen to what customers are saying. The MSPs/CSPs who do will win…big. Those who refuse to pay attention do so at their own peril.

And once you clearly understand what companies are saying they want, be sure to talk to CloudBolt about the expanded capabilities you need. We can help you help your customers to orchestrate, optimize, protect, and accelerate multi-cloud results by bringing order to the chaos they are experiencing. Unlock new revenue opportunities with CloudBolt. Learn More

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