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3 multicloud lessons for cloud architects

David Linthicum, InfoWorld, September 3, 2022

“Many cloud architect friends of mine see multicloud on the horizon, but they don’t think they’re prepared for its extra complexities. Most of them initially pushed back on the concept of multicloud much like they pushed back on cloud computing in general before it became a thing.

“Cloud architects who now look down the barrel of multicloud deployments can increase their chances of success by applying these three tips:” READ MORE

90% Of Orgs Say Multi-Cloud Helps Achieve Business Goals

Bill Doerrfeld, DevOps.com, September 1, 2022

Multi-cloud is the new normal. And thankfully, this new normal isn’t just happenstance—it’s driving positive outcomes.

“New findings show that most organizations benefit from using multiple cloud providers. Multi-cloud adoptions are helping achieve business goals, such as improving reliability and scalability and increasing overall security and governance. However, nearly all organizations (94%) admitted that they have some avoidable cloud spending and skills shortages continue to hold back a fully-realized multiple-cloud success.

“HaschiCorp recently released the 2022 State of Cloud Strategy Survey: Making Multi-Cloud Work. In addition to showcasing the positive outcomes of multi-cloud adoption, the report found a trend toward automation frameworks that help operationalize multi-cloud. Below, I’ll explore the report’s key takeaways to see what CloudOps and platform teams can garner from current multi-cloud trends.” READ MORE

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